re: [XSLT 2.0] format-dateTime localised picture parameters long medium short

Our ref: issue qt-2003Nov0055-01


Following your request for us to re-examine our previous decision on this
comment, we took another look at it yesterday and decided to add some
functionality which we hope will meet the requirement.

The new functionality takes the form of a set of system properties,
accessible through the system-property function, with names such as
xsl:short-date-format, xsl:long-dateTime-format, and so on. There will be 12
of these properties: (short, medium, long, and full) for each of (date,
time, dateTime). The value of the property will be a picture string that can
be used as the second argument to the format-date/time() function. The
precise form of the output will not be defined, there will merely be a
general statement of the intent, and some examples to guide implementors and
users in what to expect. These examples will be based on the usage in Java.

Could you please confirm that this new facility meets the requirement you


Michael Kay
for the XSL Working Group 

Received on Wednesday, 23 June 2004 09:05:22 UTC