Re: [Serialization] IBM-SE-004: XML Output Method

Hi, Don.

     In [1], you submitted the following comment on the Last Call Working 
Draft of XSLT 2.0 and XQuery 1.0 Serialization:

Don Chamberlin wrote on 2004-02-02 07:14:53 PM:
> Serialization Section 4, "XML Output Method": The first paragraph 
> states that serialization produces either an XML document entity or 
> an external general parsed entity. No indication is given about how 
> the serialization process chooses between these alternatives. The 
> normalization rules in Section 2 always reduce the data model 
> instance to exactly one document, so it is not clear how the second 
> alternative is ever invoked. 
> Also in this section, the second paragraph adds nothing that is not 
> already said in the first paragraph. It should be deleted. 

     Thank you for your comment.

     The XSL and XML Query Working Groups discussed your comment.  It was 
noted that, although there is only ever one document node to process, the 
document node could have no element node children, more than one element 
node child or text node children.  If any of those conditions holds, the 
serialization process produces an external general parsed entity; 
otherwise, it produces a document entity (which might also meet the 
syntactic criteria of an external general parsed entity).

     In order to clarify the first and third paragraphs of section 4, the 
working groups decided to make the following changes:

- in the first sentence of the third paragraph, change "and the"
  to "then", to make it clear the conditions under which a
  document entity will be the result of the serialization process.

- change the wording to make it clear that these rules describe
  requirements on the processor, rather than on the user.  The
  processor will be required to produce a serialization error if
  it is unable to produce a well-formed entity of the appropriate
  kind, unless that is because of the action of the character
  expansion phase of serialization.

     The working groups further agreed that the second paragraph of 
section 4 adds no useful information, and decided to delete it.

     As you were present when this decision was made, I will assume the 
response is acceptable to you.


Henry [On behalf of the XSL and XML Query Working Groups]
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