[XPath 2.0] Sequences can never be nested ... but what about function arguments?

Hi Folks,

In section 3.3 of the XPath spec it says:

"Sequences are never nested-for example, combining the values 1, (2, 3), and
( ) into a single sequence results in the sequence (1, 2, 3)."

Aren't the arguments to a function a sequence?  If sequences cannot be
nested, then the example in 3.1.5 would not be valid:

"my:two-argument-function((1, 2), 3) denotes a function call with two
arguments, the first of which is a sequence of two values."

Do we not have a sequence with a nested sequence in this example?

It would seem that sometimes sequences can be nested (e.g., in function
calls) and other times sequences cannot be nested.

Can someone clarify this please?  /Roger

Received on Monday, 14 June 2004 13:31:34 UTC