Re: XML Schema WG comments on Data Model

Thanks for considering our comment. We accept your disposition, with slight
regret that you didn't want to include these accessors for completeness.

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/ Sandy Gao <> was heard to say:
| 2.1 Accessing unparsed entities
| In section 6.1
| Document nodes have a [unparsed-entities] property, which is a sequence
| entities. They also have accessors "dm:unparsed-entity-system-id" and
| "dm:unparsed-entity-public-id". So there are ways to query the
| system/public id of a given entity. Wouldn't it be useful to have an
| accessor that exposes all entities within a document node?
| Propose to introduce:
| dm:unparsed-entities($node as document()) as xs:string*
| and optionally:
| dm:unparsed-entity-system-ids($node as document()) as xs:string*
| dm:unparsed-entity-public-ids($node as document()) as xs:string*
| (If the above 2 are introduced, then the processor must guarantee the
| of the entities is the same for all 3 accessors.)

Thank you for your comment. The WGs have discussed this matter and
that the existing accessors are adequate for the unparsed entity use cases.

The WGs have no plans to add any additional accessors.

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