Re: [XSLT2.0] PSVI, XPath, and optimization

> I would add one remark that's specific to XSLT, which is that we are 
> indeed
> adding a construct to the language to allow users to specify that a
> stylesheet should treat the source document as untyped, effectively
> discarding any type annotations that are present.

I am glad to hear that; in general, while it is good that the option to 
ignore schema information is available to implementors, I think it is 
far superior to include a standard way to specify most things users 
will commonly want to do.  Otherwise, each implementor is forced to add 
their own specific knob and cross-compatibility becomes a huge pain.

The node-set function in XSLT 1.0 is a good example: each product had 
their own node-set function, and as a result you see stylesheets with 
many different versions, each specific to a particular vendor.

Anyway, I appreciate the replies.


Received on Thursday, 24 June 2004 09:41:17 UTC