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[] Should CURIEs be removed from the spec? (#20)

Agenda: Linked JSON Telecon - Tuesday, September 20th 2011

Agenda: Linked JSON Telecon - Tuesday, September 7th 2011

Compact forms of language literals

Data round-tripping issues: create a JSON vocabulary (ISSUE-35)

Distinguishing a context document from an instance document

JSON for Linking Data Telecon Minutes for 2011-09-20

Learning about JSON-LD Framing

Merge @type and @datatype

Merging @base and @vocab and change their behavior

Minimum useful linked data

Minutes for Sept 6 telecon

Multiple contexts (ISSUE-32)

New JSON-LD Editor's Draft: 2011-09-11

On framing a context

One business case for JSON-LD

Practical J-Triples from SPARQL JSON results

Simplify "Multiple Typed Literals for a Single Property" (ISSUE-33)

Split JSON-LD spec

Stream-based processing!?

Support Linked JSON Community Group

Thoughts on framing

Type Coercion is confusing (ISSUE-34)

Why Framing and Normalization

Why Framing and Normalization (was: Re: What is the JSON-LD API?)

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