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<caption>, <figcaption>, <seccaption>, <divcaption>, etc.

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[Bug 13486] New: i love big hairy dick <b> /b/

[Bug 13487] New: my name is victor ,

[Bug 13488] New: my name is victor ,

[Bug 13489] New: 2.2.1 Conformance Classes: Add supporting sentence to paragraph on visual user agents and default rendering to enhance concept that override of default rendering is acceptable for certain user experiences

[Bug 13490] New: Section 2.2.1, Conformance Classes: Conformance Checkers has an awkwardly worded sentence

[Bug 13495] New: the first example is not a good one as Whacha is an abbreviation, so should use abbr

[Bug 13496] New: How about "if the type contains a SLASH (/) it should be treated as a MIME type. Otherwise, if it contains a FULL STOP (.) it should be treated as a UTI, otherwise it is invalid.

[Bug 13497] New: Description for "alternate" should cover cases like the "alternate stylesheet", "alternate icon" and "alternate pingback" fallbacks, not just refer to the current document.

[Bug 13498] New: document.readyState should return to 'loading' on navigation

[Bug 13500] New: ublished revision of this technical report can be found in the W3C technical reports index at If you wish to make comments regarding this document in a manner that is tracked by the W3C, please submit them via using our public bug d

[Bug 13501] New: werwerwer werew w erwe we r

[Bug 13502] New: Text run starting with composing character should be valid

[Bug 13503] New: If readyState is HAVE_NOTHING, then seeking should just save the new value and that value should be used once we have the duration, as an override of the fragment identifier.

[Bug 13504] New: Automation-friendly mMarkup for flagging spelling, grammar, etc. errors and warnings

[Bug 13507] New: why are these overlays blocking the page content, without any way to get rid of them?

[Bug 13508] New: Fully support tri-state and indeterminate controls

[Bug 13509] New: describe what happens in with accessibility APIs when existing document is destroyed

[Bug 13510] New: discuss setting up accessibilty APIs as part of document parsing

[Bug 13511] New: document parsing should discuss setting up accessibility APIs

[Bug 13512] New: Need a DOM event for AT to catch when content is inserted

[Bug 13513] New: Caution against textarea with wrap=hard

[Bug 13514] New: Support different resolutions for command elements and images

[Bug 13516] New: usually in lowercase

[Bug 13517] New: Not 'type=checkbox' but 'type="checkbox"'

[Bug 13518] New: "The keygen element": The only supported signature algorithm is the outdated and insecure md5WithRSAEncryption. The element should at least have an optional signature algorithm, with the option to use the more secure sha1WithRSAEncryption and sha256WithRS

[Bug 13519] New: Spell Check example text clarification

[Bug 13520] New: Drag and Drop without a pointing device

[Bug 13521] New: Element head is missing a required instance of child element title

[Bug 13522] New: Greeting, I am submitting this feedback of the concern of email in form input type. The current specification, as was stated already in your own website, too strict on username part and and too vague on the domain part. I would like to make the following

[Bug 13523] New: Checkbox state: Representing checkboxs using: <checkbox> <li> </li> <li> </li> </checkbox> I belive that the checkbox itself is just an attribute to an object called List Item. Check box is not an object. Radia box is same. Take a look to this demo f

[Bug 13524] New: relatedTarget shouldn't be null for dragleave event(as mouseout)

[Bug 13527] New: Microdata doesn't allow marking up content with multiple vocabularies

[Bug 13528] New: Many examples in the forms section to do not exemplify best practice

[Bug 13529] New: In HTML, the content of the meta tag is empty, however, it also serves the dual purpose of being able to store metadata for an item. When that metadata is structured as an item, there needs to be a way to include further meta tags within the original met

[Bug 13530] New: example in 4.10.1 has unneeded <p> around form elements

[Bug 13531] New: use of implicit labels in examples

[Bug 13532] New: Sequential navigation to all elements that take focus or input

[Bug 13533] New: Navigation to and through static content

[Bug 13534] New: 2.1.4 DOM Core versus DOM L3 Events reference

[Bug 13535] New: Preventing validation from trapping focus

[Bug 13536] New: 2.2 Unclear: paragraph describing conformance of algorithms

[Bug 13537] New: 2.2.2. host object array replaced with platform array object

[Bug 13538] New: 2.2.2 Conformance requirement to Media Queries too vague

[Bug 13539] New: Specify reading and navigation order

[Bug 13540] New: Specifying next and previous elements for reading and navigation order

[Bug 13541] New: Incomplete parsing rules for svg element

[Bug 13542] New: example in 4.10.1 uses should use <input type=submit>

[Bug 13543] New: add examples of use of fieldset and legend for non-interactive forms

[Bug 13544] New: Video: <track> element should allow support of more than one format without content sniffing

[Bug 13545] New: bootstrap error

[Bug 13546] New: Video: make positioning of caption cues more flexible

[Bug 13547] New: overloading of input element is confusing

[Bug 13548] New: size, width and height attributes on input should be conforming but obsolete

[Bug 13549] New: associating form elemnents with forms that do not contain them can cause navigation problems for AT and keyboard users

[Bug 13550] New: type table in 4.10.7 should indicate control type changes based on list attribute

[Bug 13551] New: clarify definition of "value sanitation algorithm"

[Bug 13552] New: confusing, seemingly contradictory text in 4.10.7

[Bug 13553] New: 4.10.6 confusing, seemlingly contradictory text

[Bug 13554] New: 4.10.7 please specify all cases where readonly attribute makes the input immutable

[Bug 13555] New: Fixing keyboard shortcuts and commands

[Bug 13556] New: why does the 'placeholder label option' on a select have to be the first 'option' within the list of options? could it be the first option with value="" within the list of options instead?

[Bug 13557] New: a select element should be 'suffering from being missing' if the selected option has value="", not just the 'placeholder label option' (which is limited to the first option in the list). firefox5 flags the select as invalid if an option value="" is select

[Bug 13558] New: input type=email should support friendly names

[Bug 13559] New: <input type=email multiple> should support splitting on ";" as well as ","

[Bug 13560] New: dynamic changes to input type attribute may cause problems for accessibilty APIs

[Bug 13561] New: some input types don't have controls specified

[Bug 13562] New: input type=number is listed in table with control of “text box or spinner control.”

[Bug 13563] New: radio and checkbox elements should not be valid without an associated label

[Bug 13564] New: Negotiating shortcut keybindings

[Bug 13565] New: User option to use unmodified keys as shortcuts

[Bug 13566] New: use of input type image to send coordinates should be phased out

[Bug 13567] New: definition of @alt on input type image needs a rewrite

[Bug 13568] New: use of "accessible" to refer to placement of UI controls is confusing

[Bug 13569] New: Allow user agents to override autocomplete

[Bug 13570] New: why does input type=color support autocomplete?

[Bug 13571] New: user agent MUST allow user to activate the button

[Bug 13572] New: 4.10.19 aborting autofocus based on user choice not optional

[Bug 13573] New: Moving the caret with the keyboard

[Bug 13574] New: Accessibility API support for dropzone

[Bug 13575] New: Retrieving keybindings in automation-friendly format

[Bug 13576] New: Maximize potential keyboard shortcuts

[Bug 13577] New: ISSUE-118 CP 3, rel="start" and friends, rant

[Bug 13578] New: Argument for the approval of adding setElementPath to the Canvas 2d specification.

[Bug 13579] New: Clarify behavior of accesskey on static content elements

[Bug 13580] New: web workers postMessage

[Bug 13581] New: Suggestion for a new feature.

[Bug 13582] New: HTML5 suggestion: Elements of HTML section: Scripting and Document Metadata subsections

[Bug 13583] New: A more practical and semantic use for DIALOG tag

[Bug 13584] New: [web messaging] Channel Messaging Origins

[Bug 13585] New: [html5] Sandbox disables clickjacking protection

[Bug 13586] New: [html5] Input attributes allow form tampering

[Bug 13587] New: [html5] Potential scheme/content handlers security issues

[Bug 13588] New: [web messaging] Erroneous origin check in algorithm

[Bug 13589] New: Checkboxes and Radioboxes

[Bug 13590] New: VHA Comments on HTML5 Draft Specification

[Bug 13591] New: Keyboard-only drag and drop must be fully supported

[Bug 13592] New: Intentional that <video></video> (i.e. without src or source) is valid but <audio></audio> is not?

[Bug 13593] New: Let drag and drop sources and targets register supported formats

[Bug 13594] New: Handling of duplicate keyboard shortcuts

[Bug 13595] New: Confusing example in 4.5.3 The pre element

[Bug 13596] New: Typo at the last line of 4.5.3 The pre element

[Bug 13597] New: Remove reverse attribute from ol

[Bug 13598] New: Add guidelines about using ins/del in tables

[Bug 13599] New: Remove srcdoc attribute on iframe

[Bug 13600] New: Provide XHTML entity definitions in a more convenient way

[Bug 13601] New: "precense" typo in typemustmatch attribute description

[Bug 13602] New: autoassist attribute for input element

[Bug 13603] New: Web Origin Concept

[Bug 13604] New: CDATA sections are no allowed except in foreign content

[Bug 13605] New: ES < and & escaping in inline script

[Bug 13608] New: Add <menuitem> element

[Bug 13610] New: [DOM Core] Remove HTMLElement.{id,className,classList}

[Bug 13612] New: Per DOM Core this should use "cloning steps" (concept-node-clone-ext) instead.

[Bug 13613] New: Add normative reference to [CSSUI] and [SELECTORS].

[Bug 13614] New: Do not obsolete abbr on TH and TD

[Bug 13615] New: We should include an example that shows that the "open" content attribute reflects the state of the details element. Most attributes don't work like this, so it's not immediately clear that you can use "details[open]" for this.

[Bug 13616] New: Allow specifying categories/keywords for commands

[Bug 13617] New: Protecting privacy of accessibility settings

[Bug 13618] New: typo "by the invoking the"

[Bug 13619] New: Provide access to global accessibility settings

[Bug 13620] New: Clarify label vs caption

[Bug 13621] New: Allow user agents flexibility to meet user needs

[Bug 13622] New: The cue processing algorithm should be able to activate zero-duration cues

[Bug 13623] New: Allow more flexible presentation of menus

[Bug 13624] New: The pause-on-exit flag should lead to the paused for user interaction state

[Bug 13625] New: There is no way to pass audio and video content metadata to the user agent that is required in some cases for playback.

[Bug 13626] New: Facilitate grouping of menu items

[Bug 13628] New: Aside element should accept for attribute

[Bug 13629] New: Identifying repeated and non-repeated content

[Bug 13630] New: Better method for user-friendly help or hints

[Bug 13635] New: Feedback on Various Input Types and Attributes

[Bug 13636] New: Missing link types

[Bug 13637] New: Cue rendering+behavior spec text should generic, not webvtt-derived

[Bug 13638] New: Consider referencing User Agent Guidelines in section Implicit submissions

[Bug 13639] New: CSS2 System Colors Should Be Recognized

[Bug 13640] New: Stable references in reference section

[Bug 13641] New: Please provide a Glossary of Terms

[Bug 13642] New: Incorrect alt definition

[Bug 13643] New: Reference section 12.1 'text/html' of HTML5 instead of RFC 2854

[Bug 13644] New: Reference latest version of HTML5

[Bug 13645] New: Reference section 12.1 'text/html' of HTML5 instead of RFC 3236

[Bug 13646] New: left unanswered is what happens with 0-length lines

[Bug 13647] New: Treat math @alttext as equivalent to @aria-label

[Bug 13648] New: SVG should have image role

[Bug 13649] New: Expose SVG <title> and <desc> to AAPIs

[Bug 13650] New: 4.13.5 Footnotes Remove title as suggested method for footnotes

[Bug 13651] New: Missing alt should not be considered conforming in the presence of figcaptions over 50 words in length.

[Bug 13652] New: Suggestion: add that samp shall not be used to show layman examples. samp is for computer output, not everyday examples. For instance : "Some fruits (<samp>apples, oranges</samp>) are very popula

[Bug 13653] New: For PRE element "In the HTML syntax, a leading newline character immediately following the pre element start tag is stripped." The same should hold true for code also, when use inside a pre (<pre><code> my code </code></pre>) If not in the spec, could you

[Bug 13654] New: 3.5.1 does unregistering event listeners include AT?

[Bug 13655] New: Support for viewports and positions

[Bug 13656] New: add examples of use of input, button, select etc. outside of form element

[Bug 13657] New: exact number not imporant in range doesn't make sense.

[Bug 13658] New: Allow customizing the details element

[Bug 13659] New: 4.8.2 srcdoc seems error prone

[Bug 13660] New: 4.8.2 unload behavior of iframes seems risky

[Bug 13661] New: 4.8.2 Will iframe loading events break existing AT?

[Bug 13662] New: will the sandbox attribute break script-based AT?

[Bug 13663] New: 4.8.2 how does seemless iframe impact a11y api?

[Bug 13664] New: what events are fired when iframe seemless attribute is changed dynamically?

[Bug 13665] New: Need to define model for focus order and how to keyboard out of frame

[Bug 13666] New: Improve handling of footnotes and endnotes

[Bug 13667] New: Title attribute is overloaded

[Bug 13668] New: Generated content must be accessible

[Bug 13669] New: Indicating batch changes to the DOM

[Bug 13671] New: - shouldn't it be "If <var title="">n</var> is greater than *zero*" ? (step 4 says "If n is zero...")

[Bug 13672] New: The casing of both 'pubdate' and 'datetime' is inconsistent with IDL.

[Bug 13673] New: Improve the utility of the static external entity for character entities

[Bug 13676] New: Clarify what the code-point length of a string with isolated surrogate is.

[Bug 13679] New: must a paragraph tag be used for each line of a form? Can it be omitted?

[Bug 13682] New: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Shift_JIS"?> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" ""> <html xmlns="" xml:lang="ja" lang="ja"> <head> <meta http-equiv=

[Bug 13683] New: Smaug says /event handlers/ don't necessarily run before event listeners attached using addEventListener()

[Bug 13684] New: Remove "Note: Event handlers therefore always run before event listeners attached using addEventListener()."

[Bug 13685] New: novalidate has been implemented in a few browsers now, can this be updated?

[Bug 13689] New: Is it intentional that floating point numbers beginning with a dot are not a valid floating point numbers? It took a fair amount of reading through the spec to figure out why <input type="number" step=".5"> doesn't do what it looks like it should do. <i

[Bug 13692] New: Last call comments on HTML5 from broadcaster's point of view

[Bug 13693] New: [html5] Last Call comments on HTML5

[Bug 13694] New: appcache and errors

[Bug 13695] New: scope of the appcache

[Bug 13696] New: appcache & cache-control

[Bug 13697] New: appcache & link relation

[Bug 13698] New: Three minor comments

[Bug 13701] New: dasas das d asd as d as penis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

[Bug 13703] New: bad for humans

[Bug 13704] New: Re: The li element (the value attribute) What (other than compatibility with pre-html5 user agents) is the rationale for limiting the value attribute to an integer? The value attribute should be interpreted by user agents as a hint to the user agent about

[Bug 13706] New: [html5] Scoped style sheets

[Bug 13707] New: [html5] Collapsing/expanding text and the DETAILS element

[Bug 13708] New: [html5] White space where HTML4 ignored it

[Bug 13709] New: [html5] Attribute value normalization is not backwards compatible

[Bug 13710] New: [html5] Pseudo-namespaces in HTML

[Bug 13711] New: [html5] Alternative style sheet handling undefined

[Bug 13713] New: Remove step 7 "Replace any characters in input that have a Unicode code point greater than U+FFFF (i.e. any characters that are not in the basic multilingual plane) with the two-character string "00"." if the algorithm is dealing with UTF-16 code units ("

[Bug 13715] New: Bad indefinite article in note. Should read "a determinate"

[Bug 13716] New: The "tfoot" element should appear before the "tbody" element, per §4.9.7

[Bug 13718] New: specification should not require language-specific quotation styles without defining them

[Bug 13719] New: remove reference to draft-holsten-about-uri-scheme

[Bug 13720] New: remove reference to draft-hoehrmann-javascript-scheme

[Bug 13721] New: don't include colon in examples of scheme names

[Bug 13722] New: update MAILTO reference

[Bug 13723] New: updated COOKIES reference

[Bug 13724] New: References to Internet-Drafts should be given as "Work in Progress" per RFC 2026.

[Bug 13725] New: enable AT users to have access to contents of the title attribute (tooltip text)

[Bug 13726] New: defnitions of DL/DT/DD are too vague

[Bug 13727] New: regarding "phrase or paragraph with an alternative graphical representation"

[Bug 13728] New: on guidance for conformance checkers about text alternatives

[Bug 13729] New: video poster alt text

[Bug 13730] New: video poster alt text

[Bug 13731] New: need simple visual alternatives to indicate that audio is playing to let a deaf user know

[Bug 13732] New: canvas accessibility

[Bug 13733] New: the area element and alternative text

[Bug 13734] New: new input element types and accessibility

[Bug 13735] New: okay i will try to make it helpful.

[Bug 13736] New: the required attribute and accessibility

[Bug 13737] New: the menu element and accessibility

[Bug 13738] New: "Element level Focus APIs" should include addition information regarding accessibility

[Bug 13739] New: sections on contenteditable and designmode have insufficient discussion of keyboard accessibility

[Bug 13740] New: "textContent" should be changed to "text"

[Bug 13741] New: the align attribute on the div element is obsolete. Use CSS instead

[Bug 13748] New: Consider removing input.selectedOption

[Bug 13751] New: This appears both at the beginning of the list and also near the end. Such duplication also appears for other character references in this list.

[Bug 13754] New: as an author, I would have expected that a radio button with value="" checked would be suffering from being missing when the form is submitted

[Bug 13755] New: <head> tag not closed

[Bug 13756] New: création de site

[Bug 13757] New: Remove the list of attributes that match their values case-insensitively and use in the Rendering section

[Bug 13758] New: there is no option for <progress> use in embed...!

[Bug 13759] New: Should define page load processing model for video/audio

[Bug 13762] New: <!DOCTYPE HTML> <html> <head> <title>Typefaces on UK motorways</title> <meta name="keywords" content="british,type face,font,fonts,highway,highways"> </head> <body> ...

[Bug 13764] New: Bad value revisit-after for attribute name on element meta: Keyword revisit-after is not registered.

[Bug 13765] New: Drop the ban on in itemprop and itemtype

[Bug 13766] New: Revision number is not formatted properly: "Editor: Ian Hickson, Google, Inc. This specification is available in the following formats: single page HTML, multipage HTML, web developer edition. This is revision $Revision: 1.5132 $."

[Bug 13769] New: Whitespace-only values should be considered empty in required form fields

[Bug 13770] New: Take back colspan="0" and rowspan="0" for TD/TH elements

[Bug 13771] New: Encodings 'misinterpreted for compatibility' should risk fatal error in XHTML

[Bug 13773] New: Allow <![cdata[. Everything else in the HTML syntax is case-insensitive.

[Bug 13774] New: Integration point elements need to be added to the list (Consider <table><tr><td><svg><desc><td>).

[Bug 13775] New: In the list of interfaces for elements, the q element should be listed as using HTMLQuoteElement : HTMLElement instead of just HTMLElement

[Bug 13776] New: Browser inconsistencies in implementing name getters on forms and form element collections

[Bug 13778] New: <video> make loop work with reverse playback

[Bug 13779] New: To decode application/x-www-form-urlencoded payloads,... If the isindex flag is set and the first control really -->ways<-- an isindex control

[Bug 13780] New: The variable "default encoding" is never used. Rename to "encoding"?

[Bug 13781] New: IT IN HTTP FREE

[Bug 13782] New: FREE HTTP IP

[Bug 13784] New: html xmlns:og="" xmlns:fb="" dir="ltr" lang="en-US" xmlns:fb="" xmlns:og=""

[Bug 13785] New: html xmlns:og="" xmlns:fb="" dir="ltr" lang="en-US" xmlns:fb="" xmlns:og=""

[Bug 13787] New: Define fragment identifier processing. RFC 3023 is useless for this purpose.

[Bug 13788] New: I think Gecko at least uses a charset parameter here that should probably be documented if more widely adopted.

[Bug 13793] New: "The the caption element"

[Bug 13797] New: The "shortcut" keyword should be invalid. All reasons for this keyword are purely historic and it is semantically completely meaningless, hence it should not be valid today. Things like <iframe frameborder="0"> are not valid either.

[Bug 13798] New: Misspelling in the notes added in bug 12915

[Bug 13800] New: Add ArrayBuffer to Transferable types list (2.8.4); update Structured clone algorithm

[Bug 13801] New: install Gears

[Bug 13802] New: "Append the Unicode character with code point b+0x20 to attribute name" - understanding the intent here relies on a knowledge of the layout of ascii. Please make it explicit what is going on.

[Bug 13803] New: Typo: the description of the option elements' form IDL attribute references colgroup - it should be optgroup

[Bug 13805] New: Drafts other than the most recent should be unindexable

[Bug 13809] New: I hope it is still in developing stage.

[Bug 13810] New: Typo: "elemenst"

[Bug 13814] New: Permit @alt on <area> even when there is no @href attribute

[Bug 13815] New: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

[Bug 13816] New: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

[Bug 13818] New: Default resolution of canvas 300x150 feels unnecessary requirement? Maybe 1x1 or 0x0 would make more sense, or even some more standard size like VGA or WVGA.

[Bug 13819] New: canvas mouse event

[Bug 13820] New: canvas mouse event

[Bug 13822] New: [putImageData domintro] first argument can't be null per WebIDL

[Bug 13823] New: status box misplaced (wrong ID?)

[Bug 13824] New: If location.href is set in window.onload, firefox treats it as a redirect and removes the page from the session history. Consider specifying that.

[Bug 13825] New: Suggestion:

[Bug 13826] New: This section should define that for the purposes of DOM Core dispatching (concept-event-dispatch), Window is the parent of Document.

[Bug 13832] New: ok lng, even if i do not understand much

[Bug 13833] New: Suggesting new feature: Accessible Image tag for Visually Impaired Hi, I design tactile graphics for visually impaired individuals. The amount of useful visual information is enormous and the majority of it is not accessible to the visually impaired. In H

[Bug 13835] New: trailing internal reference in ol section

[Bug 13836] New: "P has a Documents D" should be "P has a Document D "

[Bug 13838] New: From: Section: WAI-ARIA role="list" doesn't seem appropriate as the strong native semantics of <ol> and <li> elements. WAI-ARIA says the "list" role is a sub-class of the "region" role. But the description of "regi

[Bug 13845] New: xrefs (attr-input-size) are wrong

[Bug 13847] New: check

[Bug 13848] New: TimeRanges HTML 5: A vocabulary and associated APIs for HTML and XHTML video . videoHeight issue 163 (navigating tracks) Annotated summary with unified diffs: 4.2. Selector Index

[Bug 13849] New: Refresh: HTTP header field should be defined for completeness

[Bug 13850] New: Clarify mediagroup author requirements (any text allowed?)

[Bug 13851] New: Title:Semantics, structure, and APIs of HTML documents. About the new Html 5 tags i have some confusion. If the new tags just has semantic meaning than what is the point of including too many tags in the new html version. Its like the browser wars all ove

[Bug 13852] New: Add source and track

[Bug 13853] New: Add feature detection: The HTML5 specification should include a recommended feature detection technique for each major feature. For instance in the drag & drop section, include a recommendation on how to detect if the Web browser implements the key featur

[Bug 13854] New: asdfasda adsf asdf qewr awedf asdfad

[Bug 13855] New: Listing <SVG> as an element

[Bug 13857] New: linux utunbu connection error solving

[Bug 13858] New: what is icon

[Bug 13859] New: It seems href IDL attribute on base element doesn't reflect content attribute when there is more than one base element with "href".

[Bug 13861] New: what is this

[Bug 13862] New: "motonically" is misspelled

[Bug 13863] New: Why is itemid a valid URL potentially surrounded by spaces?

[Bug 13867] New: alert('Hello ' +['name'][0].content + '!'); s/content/textContent/ ?

[Bug 13870] New: el.insertAdjacentHTML("beforebegin"/"afterend" broken when el.parentNode is a DocumentFragment

[Bug 13871] New: <video> behavior when setting currentTime to current playback position

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[Bug 13874] New: Dobro došli u Einsteinov Club Penguin.Ovo je jedan od najpoznatijih hrvatskih blogova.Hvala Vam što ste nam posjetili blog!Dođite nam opet!Želimo Vam ugodan dan!:D

[Bug 13877] New: Make text/plain handling a must instead of a should

[Bug 13878] New: spellcheck default state poorly defined

[Bug 13879] New: Various uses of "an" instead of "a", found by regexp /\ban (<[^>]*>)*(?!(http|https|href|hgroup|rt|rp|li|xml|svg|hour|hr|xhtml|xslt|xbl|nntp|m[ions]|mtext|merror|h[1-6]|xmlns|xpath|s|x|sgml|huang|srgb|rsa)\b|html)[b-df-hj-np-tv-z]/i

[Bug 13880] New: Something has to be fixed in the outline algorithm. It works fine if the root is a sectioning (root/content) element, although steps 5 and 6 are vacuous in this case. If on the other hand the root is an arbitrary element, this algorithm only produces an o

[Bug 13881] New: HTMLCanvasElement.toDataURL parameters underspecified

[Bug 13882] New: Drop "Any type ending in "+xml"". It's not web compatible. There are sites that use application/pls+xml and expects it to open in some media player, and sites that use application/ and expect it to open in Google Earth.

[Bug 13883] New: Make "registerProtocolHandler" and "registerContentHandler" appear in the TOC

[Bug 13884] New: Don't ban all XML types. application/ is even listed as a use case in the first paragraph. Also see bug 13882.

[Bug 13885] New: Maybe whitelist RSS and Atom types (despite them being supported natively in a browsing context during navigation).

[Bug 13887] New: Implemented in all Browsers?

[Bug 13894] New: doesn't check for trusted events the way does. We should probably move the check into the "rules for choosing a browsing context" algorithm.

[Bug 13895] New: To clarify -- on getting, does the setter preprocessor still need to be run? I.e. if the input is "", should port be 0, 65535, or 99999?

[Bug 13896] New: [editing] Drop UndoManager section and point to instead for now (will merge back in eventually assuming it gets browser implementations)

[Bug 13898] New: Make things simpler. Too many complicated API. like JavaScript(it is reall shit not a langueg or Script). Web programming is like jongel and not very productive. Thanks

[Bug 13899] New: Incorrect value for action and formaction

[Bug 13900] New: Please mention how to handle (or ignore?) non-standard "charset" parameter

[Bug 13901] New: 4.13.5 Footnotes Your recommendation for longer annotations is a bit clumsy when it comes to styling footnotes with multiple paragraphs. Would something like this be better? <section> <a id="fn1" href="#r1">[1]</a><p>This is, naturally, a lie.</p> <p>Pa

[Bug 13902] New: Have more details about the format of accessKeyLabel, like by giving examples. We don't want one browser to format it like "Alt+L" and another "alt-l".

[Bug 13903] New: leftover text about "sidebar hyperlinks"

[Bug 13904] New: "web+" URI scheme prefix

[Bug 13907] New: test tesdsdfs gdfgdfg

[Bug 13915] New: The suggested presentation differs from the common (if not universal) browser behavior for a table when no attributes and no author style sheets are used. The common default is to render the table with no borders. However, the CSS rules described here imp

[Bug 13916] New: [Attributes index] "Whether the element is an editable" is incomplete

[Bug 13917] New: [create an element for a token] Should use getAttribute/setAttribute or define order of attributes manually.

[Bug 13918] New: spec splitting script/mechanism doesn't remove parts of the spec that are no longer generated

[Bug 13920] New: <section> and <article> don't allow a cite attribute

[Bug 13921] New: Hi, Section: Other metadata names We're using meta-tags on a public XHTML 1.1-compliant governmental site to expose site-specific meta-information per page to a search-engine crawler that we're using (a commercial product). We're in the process of moving

[Bug 13924] New: Make the content of TH and TD the same

[Bug 13925] New: Implemented in Gecko 1.9.2 through 6.0

[Bug 13926] New: The definition of when a frameset element is special doesn't make sense


[Bug 13928] New: if, and only if, an author uses H1 exclusivly couldn't the 'x' also represent H1

[Bug 13929] New: The microdata vCard and vEvent vocabularies support global identifiers, but the RFC UID formats are invalid URLs

[Bug 13931] New: Why are editable inputs/textareas not :read-write? They

[Bug 13932] New: Why are editable inputs/textareas not :read-write? They

[Bug 13933] New: Why are editable inputs/textareas not :read-write? They

[Bug 13934] New: "Whether the element is an editable" -- an editable what?

[Bug 13939] New: In section titled "application/microdata+json" (currently (2011-08-28) numbered 6.1), the phrase "as such" doesn't fit: Labeling a resource ... asserts that the resource is a JSON text that consists of ..., the objects being of the same form as the

[Bug 13940] New: test the item here

[Bug 13941] New: SPACE key scrolling when no element is focused, is targetet at <html> - and not at <body>

[Bug 13942] New: Allow @autofocus on any element with @tabindex

[Bug 13946] New: <div><script type='text/javascript' src=''></script><div id='flexContainer'><div id='flexApp'></div></div><script type='text/javascript'>swfobject.embedSWF('

[Bug 13948] New: :past and :future not linked

[Bug 13958] New: Authors should be able to request specific modifiers for accesskeys

[Bug 13959] New: I think the change to dfn being the defining instance of a term removes one previously solid use case for dfn: defining unfamiliar terms that may make no sense to define in context. For instance, use of "borrowed" terms and phrases from other languages th

[Bug 13960] New: I am concerned about the way the Article element is used in examples. Doesn't it make sense that Screen Readers will want to use the article element to skip over the HEADER and NAV elements to the main content. Instead of this: <article><heading>...</hea

[Bug 13961] New: I'm concerned there doesn't seem to be an elegant simple way to provide closed captions for the <video> tag. YouTube does this quite well(albiet in another technology), just upload the SMIL or whatever captioning text file and link it to the video. I thi

[Bug 13962] New: nicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenice sad asd ddddddddddddasd

[Bug 13963] New: <h1>Just testing over tjhere....</h1>

[Bug 13965] New: Exposing onreadystatechange on script elements seems to not be web-compatible unless they fire the event

[Bug 13968] New: status box has wrong ID

[Bug 13977] New: Check browsers; it might be that links with rel=stylesheet that aren't yet loaded should still have a sheet. See also

[Bug 13979] New: There no longer is a trusted flag. Based on your input we just use IDL attributes now rather than concepts (when possible anyway).

[Bug 13980] New: Entity references cannot be in the DOM anymore. One of the first things DOM Core axed.

[Bug 13983] New: It seems like textarea's raw value should always normalize newlines to \n (and form submission should normalize \n to \r\n)

[Bug 9010] There are one or more alternate methods of adding data without using RDFa, such as [microdata].

[Bug 9011] There are discussions of alternate extensibility mechanisms, covered in [issue-41], which might allow other ways of integrating RDFa.

CfC: Adopt Decision Policy Version 2

CfC: Close ISSUE-153 link-external by Amicable Resolution

CfC: Close ISSUE-154 link-external by Amicable Resolution

CfC: Close ISSUE-165: rel-pingback by Amicable Resolution

Change Proposal for ISSUE-154, was: ISSUE-154 link-sidebar: Chairs Solicit Proposals

FCC Releases Video Description Rules

how HTML5 figure and figcaption should/could work and Rechartering

ISSUE-133 modal-attribute - Chairs Solicit Alternate Proposals or Counter-Proposals

ISSUE-153 link-external - Chairs Solicit Alternate Proposals or Counter-Proposals

ISSUE-166 html-sandboxed: Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-166: html-sandboxed - Chairs Solicit Alternate Proposals or Counter-Proposals

ISSUE-167 remove-crossorigin: Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-168: remove-typemustmatch - Chairs Solicit Change Proposals

ISSUE-30 longdesc - Chairs Solicit Alternate Proposals or Counter-Proposals

Please provide a version of the HTML5 that has the alternate styles

RDF Web Applications WG Position on RDFa/Microdata Task Force


request to re-open the meta generator issue

RFC from implementers on Element.innerText

version of editing API spec in W3C space

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