and Rechartering

Hello Working Group,

Now that the Last Call period is over, it's a good time to start thinking about the next steps in the evolution beyond HTML5.

There are a few ways we can start thinking and talking more about

1) Let's start up some discussion and collection of post-HTML5 feature ideas.

2) Though we cannot yet publish post-HTML5 deliverables as Working Drafts, nothing stops us from creating Editor's Drafts. So current editors and anyone else who is interested are encouraged to create post-HTML5 proposed Editor's Drafts for consideration, in parallel with the versions working their way through the LC process.

3) To be able to publish post-HTML5 delieverables, we will have to change the charter of the Working Group. There are two possible tracks we can take:
    A) Come up with a detailed definition of the requirements, scope, and expectations for our next-generation deliverables, and cast that as a new charter.
    B) Update the current charter and give a fairly loosely defined scope for post-HTML5 deliverables.

Option A is much more clear about the next phase of our work, which is helpful in some ways, but it may require longer discussion to be clear about the scope. Option B likely requires less careful wording and negotiation. There is some interest in completing rechartering by the time of TPAC 2011. To achieve that, we'd have to have a draft charter ready in 3-5 weeks. We have W3C staff members who can help with the drafting.

The Chairs welcome discussion of any or all of these topics. This will also be a discussion item at this week's telecon.


Received on Wednesday, 10 August 2011 22:58:19 UTC