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Draft repository changes - IMPORTANT READ Linss, Peter (Wednesday, 31 December)

Re: [css-transforms] Clarify use of matrices by columns in pseudo-code Maurizio Casimirri (Monday, 22 December)

[web-animations] unclear iteration start behaviour for animation sequence Сергей Грехов (Friday, 19 December)

[web-animations] Web Animations minutes, 18 Dec 2014 Brian Birtles (Thursday, 18 December)

[web-animations] wrong formatting of scaled active time definition Сергей Грехов (Wednesday, 17 December)

[web-animations] ACPU Do Uble (Saturday, 13 December)

[web-animations] computedTiming.iterationStart and fill attributes Сергей Грехов (Monday, 15 December)

[web-animations] distance computation issue Aleksei Semenov (Thursday, 11 December)

[web-animations] feedback Mark at Argent Cove (Friday, 5 December)

[web-animations] please, clarify consequences of changing KeyframeEffect.spacing attribute Aleksei Semenov (Wednesday, 3 December)

[compositing] isolation property should be renamed Elliott Sprehn (Tuesday, 2 December)

[web-animations] Web Animations minutes, 27 Nov 2014 Brian Birtles (Thursday, 27 November)

[web-animations] Paced spacing mode without paced property is still used Сергей Грехов (Wednesday, 26 November)

[web-animations] Lowell Yukna (Monday, 24 November)

[web-animations] i want to join this mailing list. mirza (Monday, 24 November)

[web-animations] Please, clarify computedOffset value for keyframe with non null offset Aleksei Semenov (Thursday, 20 November)

Temporary removal of animations Jonathan Moore (Tuesday, 18 November)

[geometry] Should DOMRect have a serializer Boris Zbarsky (Tuesday, 18 November)

[web-animations] Lack in time fraction definition Сергей Грехов (Tuesday, 18 November)

Fwd: [filter-effects] What to do with errors in filters / Re: Minutes, 13 November 2014 SVG Telcon Amelia Bellamy-Royds (Friday, 14 November)

[filter-effects] What to do with errors in filters / Re: Minutes, 13 November 2014 SVG Telcon Amelia Bellamy-Royds (Thursday, 13 November)

[filter-effects] What to do with errors in filters Amelia Bellamy-Royds (Wednesday, 12 November)

[web-animations] Please, clarify Keyframe.composite default value Aleksei Semenov (Friday, 7 November)

[web-animations] Typo in AnimationPlayer.reverse() Сергей Грехов (Thursday, 6 November)

[web-animations] TimedItem is still used Сергей Грехов (Thursday, 6 November)

[web-animations] Setting hold time in "pause a player" procedure Sergey G. Grekhov (Wednesday, 5 November)

[filter-effects] Filter primitive subregions and input clipping Max Vujovic (Monday, 3 November)

[filter-effects] feImage with missing image resource Dirk Schulze (Monday, 3 November)

Minutes FXTF @ TPAC 2014 Erik Dahlstrom (Friday, 31 October)

[web-animations] Missed condition for DOMException Сергей Грехов (Monday, 27 October)

[css-compositing] 'destination' compositing mode in Canvas? Dirk Schulze (Tuesday, 21 October)

[web-animations] Fixing start time and pausing Brian Birtles (Tuesday, 21 October)

[web-animations] Please, reference the specification for Promise object Aleksei Semenov (Monday, 20 October)

[web-animations] Wrong AnimationPlayer attributes and typos Сергей Грехов (Wednesday, 15 October)

[web-animations] Setting AnimationPlayer.startTime value to null Сергей Грехов (Tuesday, 14 October)

[filter-effects] proposal: currentColor in feColorMatrix Benjamin Denckla (Tuesday, 7 October)

[web-animations] Web Animations minutes, 2 Oct 2014 Brian Birtles (Friday, 3 October)

[web-animations] Wrong attribute name "path" Сергей Грехов (Wednesday, 1 October)

[geometry] Expose DOMPoint, DOMRect, DOMMatrix to Workers Dirk Schulze (Wednesday, 1 October)

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