Re: [web-animations] Setting AnimationPlayer.startTime value to null

There is another issue in setting start time procedure.

2. Unless player has a pending pause task, set player’s start time to new
start time.

According this step player's start time should be set even player has no
timeline associated. But definition of start time is "A player’s start
time is the time value of its timeline". So there should not be start time
without timeline.

Setting start time procedure should catch this case.

> Hi there,
> Accorrding the specification AnimationPlayer.startTime attribute is
> nullable. But Update player start time procedure
> ( does
> not check if new value is null.
> The should be checking for null value. Otherwise some steps of the
> procedure (for example "2. Let start time offset be new start time −
> effective start time.") won't work.
> --
> Regards,
> Sergey G. Grekhov

Received on Thursday, 16 October 2014 05:05:55 UTC