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2014-12-05 23:14 GMT+01:00 Mark at Argent Cove <>:

> As an old-school actionscript animator this is really exciting to me!
> This is great work so far!  I see at least one missing piece that I thought
> I'd share.
> I've only been playing for 15 minutes or so but right away I wonder why
> all the most common easings <> are missing?

The current set of built-in easing function are only those currently
existing on the CSS Animation specification. The idea is to have version 1
on that specification matching what already exist in browsers.

> I suppose I could manually copy the values into a cubic-bezier function
> but that doesn't handle bounce or functions with overshoot like elastic and
> back animations.  These are critical to getting a real-world feel to the
> motion.  Am I just missing something?  Is this doable with the current
> spec/polyfill?

Not yet :-/ ISSUE 7 on the spec propose to improve the cubic-bezier easing
function definition to allow an arbitrary number of point, which allows to
create any useful easing function (I'm all for this extension). Such
extended cubic-bezier function will allow to handle any type of functions,
including elastic and bounce.

> I know this is a spec, not a high-level API but why not include the things
> that will make it easy for developers to adopt?

+1 on this as it is a well known matter as you point it out.

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