Re: [web-animations] Please, clarify Keyframe.composite default value

Hi Aleksei,

On 2014/11/07 20:14, Aleksei Semenov wrote:
> The default value for 'composite' attribute is specified as null (
> )
> However if keyframe input contains attribute 'composite' with the value
> null, the procedure for converting an ECMAScript value to an IDL
> enumeration type <>[WEBIDL]
> <>
> will throw TypeError, because null does not belong to CompositeOperation
> <> enum.

If I've understood the issue correctly, then I think we should handle 
null correctly in the procedure for processing keyframe objects. This 
applies to both 'composite' and 'offset'.

I've made a change to that effect:

Please let me know if I've misunderstood the issue.

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