Re: Temporary removal of animations

On Tue, Nov 18, 2014 at 3:59 PM, Shane Stephens <> wrote:

> In contrast, when the currentTime is set, this immediately resolves the
> animation state to a known correct set of values. Hence no promise is
> needed to delay resolution.

One thing that I thought was a little strange related to this in the last
 file I sent is that if during an animation you do:

  var bounds1 = box.getBoundingClientRect( ) ;
  var now = player.currentTime ;
  player.currentTime = 100000000 ;
  player.currentTime = now ;
  var bounds2 = box.getBoundingClientRect( ) ;

The values of bounds2 will not be the same as bounds1. I assume that that
is because player.currentTime progresses even between frames. I wonder if
it should only be update each time a frame is drawn? I see that would be
complicated to get right but it would be less surprising.


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