Re: [web-animations] Setting AnimationPlayer.startTime value to null

On 2014/10/16 14:03, "Сергей Грехов" wrote:
> There is another issue in setting start time procedure.
> 2. Unless player has a pending pause task, set player’s start time to new
> start time.
> According this step player's start time should be set even player has no
> timeline associated. But definition of start time is "A player’s start
> time is the time value of its timeline". So there should not be start time
> without timeline.
> Setting start time procedure should catch this case.
>> Hi there,
>> Accorrding the specification AnimationPlayer.startTime attribute is
>> nullable. But Update player start time procedure
>> ( does
>> not check if new value is null.
>> The should be checking for null value. Otherwise some steps of the
>> procedure (for example "2. Let start time offset be new start time −
>> effective start time.") won't work.

I think both these issues should now be fixed:



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