Re: [web-animations] unclear iteration start behaviour for animation sequence

On 2014/12/22 15:04, "Сергей Грехов" wrote:
> Hi Tab,
> Let's see note at
> "Note that the value of iterations is effectively added to the
> iterationStart such that an animation node with an iterationStart of ‘0.5’
> and iterations of ‘2’ would still repeat twice however it would begin and
> end half-way through the animation node’s iteration interval."
> It is said that in ends on half-way through animation. Logically that it
> means that the second half of a first iteration should be played first,
> then the second iteration played and after that the first half of the
> first iteration (that was "cut" by iteration start) should be played and
> ended on a half-way. Is this correct?

It doesn't jump back to the first iteration, it just plays 50% of the 
third iteration. In effect it goes from iteration 0.5 to iteration 2.5. 
This difference is observable once you introduce accumulation behavior.

> If yes then for animation sequence part of the sequence, which is "cut" by
> animation start property, should be added to the end of the sequence. Then
> it looks strange if animation1 from the example below should remain in
> forward-filling state and then be played.

That's the correct behavior for forwards fill. There may be use cases 
which require other kinds of fill modes, however. If you have a 
particular example that can't be achieved with the existing fill modes 
that would be really helpful to know!



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