Re: Temporary removal of animations

Hi! I wonder if you could just pause the animation rather than cancel it define a
pause method

Note sure it is already implemented but it looks like what you are looking


2014-11-18 2:04 GMT+01:00 Jonathan Moore <>:

> I am attempting to add web animation support my animation library Artifact:
> The approach if the library is to have the user only specify how they want
> to change the dom. It is then up to the library to compute a animation from
> the current dome state to the final state. This is similar in nature to CSS
> transitions but more flexible and also supports layout changes.
> A requirement of the library is that I can remove the effects of a running
> animation, inspect an element's styles, and then restart the animation
> where it left off. This has proven difficult with the web animation api as
> it is implemented in chrome 39. Do do so I have to save the
> player.currentTime, cancel the animation, and restart it and
> set currentTime. This is ok but does not work reliably sometimes things
> like element.getBoundingClientRect( ) don't reflect the changes due to
> canceling the animation. Once this promise API is implemented will that
> resolve this issue?
> Even if the promises api can solve the issue, what I would really like is
> an api to just put the animation on hold and force a recompute style
> serially. I would then like to restart the animation. I would like this to
> not cause any for the promises for the animation to resolve.
> -Jonathan

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