Re: [filter-effects] feImage with missing image resource

On Nov 3, 2014, at 6:14 AM, Dirk Schulze <> wrote:

> 1) treat <feImage> as a transparent black image taking all primitive regions into account,
> 2) replace the missing image with a “missing image” icon and take all primitive regions into account or
> 3) treat <feImage> and all successor color manipulating primitives as null filter.
> Example:
> Description:
> Option 1) looks reasonable for me and is easy to implement/specify. Option 2) looks strange but at least gives authors feedback of what is going on. I am unsure how to specify 3) and how it actually is implemented. Maybe someone from Mozilla could clarify.

I debugged Firefox a bit, and it looks like an feImage with a missing resource becomes a transparent black feFlood filter node with a result size of 0x0. I suppose the result size of 0x0 is why successive primitives that manipulate color appear not to do anything. 

It seems relatively straightforward to change it to option #1 if desired.

- Max

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