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[apps-discuss] The acct: scheme question

[Uri-review] In WG last call review of URI Schemes rtsp, rtsps and rtspu

A List Apart: Articles: Application Cache is a Douchebag

ACTION-344 (closed) re CORS - Jeff Hodges review of CORS draft - also re "resource"

ACTION-682 suggest to TAG sections of HTTPbis specification that TAG should review

ACTION-687: references to expired RFCs, etc.

ACTION-690: Next Steps on Fragment Identifiers and Mime Types

ACTION-691: References updated for agenda item on httpRange-14

Agenda for TAG Teleconference of 17 May 2012

Agenda for the TAG teleconference of 3 May 2012

Comment on Media Fragments URI 1.0 (basic) Proposed Recommendation 15 March 2012

Completion of W3C TAG Work on Web Application State

CSS vendor extension issues

draft minutes 5/17/2012 TAG teleconference

Draft minutes from 2012-05-03 TAG telcon

European court rules APIs and Programming Languages not copyrightable

F2F planning and next steps on fragids and media types

First cut at topic list for June 2012 TAG F2F

Fwd: CNIL - new guidance regarding cookies

Fwd: Re: [apps-discuss] The acct: scheme question

Kathleen Nichols and Van Jacobson propose new approach to minimizing buffer bloat delays

Local Storage

media fragments (Re: Draft minutes from 2012-05-03 TAG telcon)

Media typing of fragments

Minutes from TAG call of the 24th

New version of Memento I-D

Please send any input for the Thursday TAG agenda ASAP

Preliminary agenda for the TAG teleconference of 24 May 2012

Privacy Document from IETF

Starting planning for TAG 17 May teleconference

TAG on privacy by design for web applications

TAG telcon of 1 June 2012 will likely be cancelled

TAG Teleconference of 10 May will be cancelled IF we don't come up with agenda items

the "ni:" URI scheme soon to "last call" in IETF

the "ni:" URI scheme soon to "last call" in IETF, httpRange-14 and security

The TAG teleconference of 10 May 2012 is cancelled - start working toward F2F please

Trust Assertions for Certificate Keys (TACK)

W3C discussion of CSS prefixes

Yorick Wilks on Semantic Web & httpRange-14

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