Completion of W3C TAG Work on Web Application State

This note is to formally announce the completion of the TAG's work product 
titled "Identifying Application State". As recorded on the final version of 
the product page [1], the TAG published a finding: "Identifying Application 
State" [2] on 1 December 2011, somewhat ahead of the promised date of 
January 2012 (announcement e-mail [3]). The TAG wishes to thank Ashok 
Malhotra, who edited the finding and did much of the analysis.

At its F2F meeting on 5 January 2012, the TAG resolved: "The TAG, having 
published a finding on Web Application State, closes its 'product' on that 

Noah Mendelsohn
Chair: W3C Technical Architecture Group


Received on Wednesday, 2 May 2012 02:44:44 UTC