Re: Starting planning for TAG 17 May teleconference

On 5/14/2012 5:09 PM, ashok malhotra wrote:
> We have Robin's draft on Privacy by Design.  One of the external comments
> on this draft was
> that we should look at the IETF document.  Unless Larry has something
> specific in mind, I would
> not schedule discussion independent of Robin's draft.

Ah, that's very helpful. The notes on the informal call were somewhat 
cryptic. That's just fine, of course, since it wasn't an official call at 
all, but I mistakenly inferred that there was a proposal to reopen TAG 
discussion of privacy in general. Robin's effort is specifically scoped 
primarily to privacy issues relating to APIs. So, getting the clarification 
that the IETF draft was mentioned in the context of Robin's work is very 

As you suggest, I will not schedule separate discussion of the IETF work, 
but will await a signal from Robin that he has something for us to discuss 
(presumably for the F2F, maybe earlier).

Thank you.


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