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Agenda for TAG TPAC Meetings Noah Mendelsohn (Monday, 31 October)

TAG Status Report for Period Ending October, 2011 is now available Noah Mendelsohn (Friday, 28 October)

RE: Comments solicited: "Providing and discovering definitions of URIs" Larry Masinter (Friday, 28 October)

Dated Draft of Publishing and Linking Document Appelquist, Daniel, VF-Group (Thursday, 27 October)

Agenda for today's TAG teleconference Noah Mendelsohn (Thursday, 27 October)

Re: Status of work on publishing and linking Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 26 October)

Identifying Application State - Public Review Status ashok malhotra (Wednesday, 26 October)

future agenda items for TAG meetings Larry Masinter (Wednesday, 26 October)

TPAC breakout on copyright and linking Jonathan Rees (Tuesday, 25 October)

'parallel properties' reference? Jonathan Rees (Monday, 24 October)

Dated versions of TAG work plan and product pages Noah Mendelsohn (Monday, 24 October)

ACTION-514: Status check on minimization report for review at TPAC Noah Mendelsohn (Monday, 24 October)

ACTION-587 set pending review Jonathan Rees (Monday, 24 October)

Re: naive question: why prefer absolute URIs to # URIs for linked data? Jonathan Rees (Thursday, 20 October)

No formal TAG call 10/20/11 Larry Masinter (Thursday, 20 October)

Agenda for TAG call 10/20/11 Larry Masinter (Thursday, 20 October)

Comments on "Interoperability of referential uses of hashless URIs" David Booth (Wednesday, 19 October)

Canadian court rules linking to dafamatory content does not constitute defamation Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 19 October)

Legal aspects of cloud computing (ACTION-541) Jeni Tennison (Wednesday, 19 October)

Re: fragment support for data URIs Henry S. Thompson (Wednesday, 19 October)

Re: Fragids status report [partial]: ACTION-567 Henry S. Thompson (Wednesday, 19 October)

Draft minutes for telcon of 2011-10-13 Henry S. Thompson (Wednesday, 19 October)

RDFa Core, fragids, 3023bis, and FYN Jonathan Rees (Monday, 17 October)

RE: [happiana] Policy for registries for extensibility points Larry Masinter (Sunday, 16 October)

ACTION-595 Create a final report on Mime and the Web due in one month Larry Masinter (Sunday, 16 October)

Fwd: Re: Friction and cross pollination Noah Mendelsohn (Friday, 14 October)

issue-57 Two cases of indirect 'identification' Jonathan Rees (Thursday, 13 October)

Agenda for the TAG teleconference of 13 October 2011 Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 12 October)

minutes of 06 october 2011 teleconference Yves Lafon (Wednesday, 12 October)

Fragment Identifiers and Agent Perspectives Manu Sporny (Friday, 7 October)

RE: Updated Digest Scheme URI Larry Masinter (Wednesday, 5 October)

Agenda for the TAG teleconference of 6 October 2011 Noah Mendelsohn (Tuesday, 4 October)

Re: Amazon Silk Appelquist, Daniel, VF-Group (Tuesday, 4 October)

Minutes for September 29 Telecon Appelquist, Daniel, VF-Group (Tuesday, 4 October)

Re: ACTION-501: Geolocation access control on a per site basis Noah Mendelsohn (Tuesday, 4 October)

Re: ISSUE-50 Bilder, Geoff. Identify This! Identifiers and Trust. Martin J. Dürst (Monday, 3 October)

Canadian court finds that Web site 'scraping' can infringe copyright Noah Mendelsohn (Sunday, 2 October)

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