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Comments on: http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/doc/passwordsInTheClear-52 SJ Kissane (Thursday, 26 June)

impact of lots more top level domains on the Web? Dan Connolly (Thursday, 26 June)

TAG Weekly Telcon Agenda: Proposed Wiget URI Scheme; UrnsAndRegistries-50;XMLVersioning-41;Issues and Action item review. Williams, Stuart (HP Labs, Bristol) (Wednesday, 25 June)

TAG finding on "Associating Resources with Namespaces" Williams, Stuart (HP Labs, Bristol) (Wednesday, 25 June)

delegation and passwordsInTheClear-52 Dan Connolly (Wednesday, 25 June)

minutes TAG Weekly 19 Jun for review Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 24 June)

AWWW 'somewhat unrealistic' -- Google Chris Lilley (Monday, 23 June)

public suffix list: when opacity meets security [metaDataInURI-31 siteData-36] Dan Connolly (Thursday, 19 June)

TAG Telcon Agenda: 19th June 2008: New Items? (Widgets URI Scheme); scalabilityOfURIAccess-38; XMLVersioning-41;tagSoupIntegration-54;Action Item Review Williams, Stuart (HP Labs, Bristol) (Wednesday, 18 June)

Draft minutes for TAG telcon of 2008-06-12 available Henry S. Thompson (Friday, 13 June)

question: definition of "correct" in "URI Schemes and Web Protocols" Jonathan Rees (Friday, 13 June)

Uniform access Ray Denenberg, Library of Congress (Thursday, 12 June)

Using http: for naming not so obvious Jonathan Rees (Thursday, 12 June)

RE: [widgets] Widgets URI scheme Larry Masinter (Thursday, 12 June)

TAG Telcon Agenda: 12th June 2008: namespaceDocument-8;passwordInTheClear-52;tagSoupIntegration-54;UrnsAndRegistries-50;XMLVersioning-41 Williams, Stuart (HP Labs, Bristol) (Wednesday, 11 June)

Re: Creating Catalog of W3C's XML Schemata Ted Guild (Tuesday, 10 June)

Draft minutes for 5 June 2008 TAG telecon Jonathan Rees (Tuesday, 10 June)

links to/on issues page Alan Ruttenberg (Saturday, 7 June)

Re: Using RDFa to produce self-describing HTML Steven Pemberton (Friday, 6 June)

XRI vote Aftermath Schleiff, Marty (Friday, 6 June)

Draft minutes for TAG f2f, 19 May Henry S. Thompson (Thursday, 5 June)

RE: Alternative language versioning formalism Marc de Graauw (Thursday, 5 June)

Re: [widgets] Widgets URI scheme noah_mendelsohn@us.ibm.com (Wednesday, 4 June)

TAG Telcon Agenda for 5th June 2008: UrnsAndregistries-50; tagSoupIntegration-54;passwordsInTheClear-52; XMLVersioning-41 Williams, Stuart (HP Labs, Bristol) (Wednesday, 4 June)

Re: ARIA as stop-gap (was Re: Next steps for the ARIA syntax discussion) Leif Halvard Silli (Wednesday, 4 June)

CSTST 2008 : Submission deadline on June 15th 2008 CHBEIR Richard (Monday, 2 June)

Updated Passwords in the clear 52 David Orchard (Tuesday, 3 June)

XRI vote results David Orchard (Monday, 2 June)

XRI vote aftermath Schleiff, Marty (Monday, 2 June)

Blog post on XRI vote from Drummond Reed David Orchard (Monday, 2 June)

TAG concensus reached on ARIA implementation. Williams, Stuart (HP Labs, Bristol) (Monday, 2 June)

DRAFT Minutes from TAG Telcon 29th May 2008 Williams, Stuart (HP Labs, Bristol) (Monday, 2 June)

Re: Next steps for the ARIA syntax discussion Charles McCathieNevile (Sunday, 1 June)

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