RE: Proposal: ARIA-ROLE & CSS definition integration

James -

> I think you may have missed the point of my JavaScript example. It was  
> just one way you could insert ARIA semantics into the DOM by flagging  
> an HTML class or id, or for that matter, by any CSS selector. The  
> example was not my recommendation for how it should always be done.

Ah, gotcha, thanks!

> One thing you could do is to help ensure that all of the ARIA  
> semantics get rolled into HTML 5.

I fully support this, and I will be looking out for it. I think that ARIA is
too important to be *not* rolled 100% into HTML. First, it eliminates many
of my gripes with HTML as a presentation layer for application development
(HTTP is still wholly inadequate for the task...), by finally (15 years too
late) providing a mechanism for AT systems to "get" HTML. Secondly, it
provides a way to get really darned close to the semantic Web ideal.

Thanks again for your input on this!


Received on Monday, 9 June 2008 05:03:57 UTC