ldap URI (was Re: XRI vote aftermath)

At 05:53 PM 2008-06-05, Henry S. Thompson wrote:
>ldap: is a less clear case -- I'm not really familiar
>with its operation, but my superficial understanding is that it is not
>central to the functioning of the LDAP system, and that its semantics
>mean that it is unlikely that it will appear in general-purpose Web
>contexts, which distinguishes it pretty well from http:.

X.509 PKI certificates contain Certifcate Revocation List (CRL) 
Distribution Points (CDP).

I have seen some links to a CDP use ldap URIs (usually in addition to 
an http URI).

Whether or not an application that uses PKI certs actually checks the 
CRL is another matter. Also, if they do retrieve the CRL, I don't 
know whether they would use the ldap URI instead of the http URI.

So, PKI seems to be part of the general-purpose Web context, so to 
the extent that PKI uses the ldap URI scheme, it is part of the web.


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