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TAG Weekly Telcon
05 Jun 2008


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     Raman, Stuart, Norm, jar, Ht, TimBL, jar
     Stuart Williams
     Jonathan Rees


     * Topics
          1. News and new items
          2. UrnsAndRegistries-50
          3. tagSoupIntegration-50
     * Summary of Action Items

<Stuart> scribe: Jonathan Rees

re news items: ashok not here yet.

stuart: dave o not here, so we may not get to last 2 items

ht: request time for ns docs

RESOLUTION: accept minutes for 29 may

norm: regrets for next week

stuart: taking up agenda item 2 - defer for a week?
... (item 2 was f2f minutes approval. deferred)
News and new items

ht: persistent identifier draft is in the works

[UrnsAndRegistries-50 ?]

scribe: xhtml module that also makes use of curies
... in last call

stuart: action items - carry over to next week

stuart: XRI ballot result: failed. >25% no votes
... See agenda for selected messages bearing on this
... Communications problems on both sides
... XRI TC feels it has requirements that can't be met using http:

timbl: A question of trust perhaps: relative reliability of their  
organization vs. DNS, for example
... Pushback in blogosphere against XRI may have to do with business  

stuart: There are patent issues too
... xdi.org arrangement
... don't have exact pointers right now, but there is some dispute
... What proactive measures should we be thinking about?

timbl: (considering options)

ht: Make goals of proposed discussion clear

stuart: Figure out joint goals
... Maybe aim to clearly elaborate the TAG's goals (to start to work  
out differences)?

timbl: Nondereferenceable ids are a threat

ht: Folks are flirting with the handle scheme. Boeing ships a locked  
down desktop - should be nervous about XRI

timbl: Will XRIs be used for documents? href="xri:..." ?

stuart: See agenda for XRI inaccessibility joke. http://www.w3.org/ 

ht: editors of a draft ISO standard for ids in language resource  
business, leaning toward handles
... used Boeing story to show them the problem

[persistent inaccessibility of XRI-named things via http: on Boeing  
managed laptops]

<Stuart> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-tag/2008Jun/0008

<ht> "XRI vote aftermath" email from Marty Schleiff (Boeing)

stuart: Who would like to respond?

timbl: Which argument is the primary one?

[the following list is Tim's priority ordered list of stumbling blocks]

<timbl> 1) Fragmentation of the space of identifiers, where the  
community benefits from everything being a URI.

<timbl> That is, not using URI syntax ('='') etc

<ht> "You can't click on xri://=drummond"

<ht> "your resolution service is at least as vulnerable as the DNS  

<timbl> 2) to make a standard with the goal of creating a new  
registration system which would benefit particular commercial  
parties, is not appropriate, when system of governance for DNS  
already exists (and a big public cost and resposnibility).

<timbl> ?

<ht> "Suggesting that a technical solution will ensure persistence is  
at best misleading"

<timbl> 3) Building a new resolution system as a layer on top of HTTP  
is bad from net traffic standpoint and round trips, when DNS already  
has the community investment in distributed naming, and has for  
example security being added ?? ??

<ht> There is a parallel with .biz

<ht> Monopolies are not necessarily a bad thing, if they are public  

timbl: This is a fragmentation issue. Compare with the namespace of  
table tags & attributes - was chaotic before standardization
... Deliberate standardization was in users' interest. Market wasn't  
forcing convergence.
... XRI vs. http: is analogous - namespace fragmentation not in users  

stuart: Let's compose a thoughtful piece on this
... What actions to come out of this discussion?
... let's take a snapshot of this to store in tag working document  
area, as a start

<Stuart> ACTION: stuart " take a snapshot of this to store in tag  
working document area, as a start" [recorded in http://www.w3.org/ 

<trackbot> Created ACTION-161 - \" take a snapshot of this to store  
in tag working document area, as a start\" [on Stuart Williams - due  

timbl: Not too many people who are prepared to do editing work in  
this area.
... Possible that W3C should be putting resources into this.
... Let's consider focusing the TAG on this (the ARIA fallout). ?  
Bringing HTML5 and XHTML together?

ht: It matters. We can't come late to HTML5.

stuart: You have to build credibility

norm: As issues go it's one of the largest.

raman: Lack of modularization is a result of lack of editing resources.

timbl: We may get help from some people who have withdrawn from HTML5  
a bit. [scribe's paraphrase]

raman: There are lots of people who are happy with the spec. Stepping  
in would be disruptive
... Very complicated

stuart: Would need to join the WG. Would I be representing my company  
or the TAG? Would this go beyond the time I already allocate to the TAG?
... We've been given a list of issues to comment on

others: It was long.

norm: We'd be better off 6 months from now if we could say we got  
groups at the 2 poles to talk to one another

raman: Implementation of new spec is proceeding 'organically'

timbl: Can we get a small group into a productive discussion?

norm: Workshop?

raman: A modular spec can be produced, even if it doesn't spec  
modular language growth

<Stuart> +1 to what raman said.

raman: Won't help html5 cause, but ...

<Norm> I do plan to respond to the message
Summary of Action Items
[NEW] ACTION: stuart " take a snapshot of this to store in tag  
working document area, as a start" [recorded in http://www.w3.org/ 

[End of minutes]
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