Re: AWWW 'somewhat unrealistic' -- Google

the royal "we" perhaps;-)

As a company, Google does not dictate or impose a single opinion
on everyone here --we're free-thinking engineers  which is what
makes us who "we" are:-)

Dan Brickley writes:
 > T.V Raman wrote:
 > > 
 > > 
 > > Let's not make the mistake of equating the opinion of any one
 > > individual to that of a large, 15,000+ company -- that would only
 > > be to the detriment of all.
 > In which case, could you do anything to help outsiders understand who 
 > Ian is referring to in 
 > when he writes 'we'?
 > "Here's Google's feedback", "We don't think", " we have the following 
 > comments", "We think" x2, "We believe", "We do not like", "We are not 
 > sure", "We do not believe", "We believe", "we think", "We think", "We 
 > think" ... "Ian Hickson, on behalf of Google".
 > Would it be more accurate (grammar aside) to read "Ian" for "we"?
 > cheers,
 > Dan
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