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RE: favicon.ico vs <link> - add link type for shortcut icon? Jens Meiert (Monday, 30 June)

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display:inline-block;display: block; MN Venugopal-A18623 (Friday, 27 June)

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CSS Speech ideas Tom Gilder (Monday, 23 June)

Layered presentation on a single element Josh Hughes (Sunday, 22 June)

CSS3 Speech Module Comments (14th May Draft) Andrew Thompson (Saturday, 21 June)

Orig.inal DVD $3.48 , Free Ship.ping - DVD Pla.yer (All Code))------ 20/6/2003 22:03:39 mimasa (Friday, 20 June)

Re: HTML Body Background as Color ! Herr Christian Wolfgang Hujer (Thursday, 19 June)

XPath as CSS-selectors? Asbjørn Ulsberg (Wednesday, 18 June)

border-radius and clipping of background and content Boris Zbarsky (Wednesday, 18 June)

Apology for Previous Email Kynn Bartlett (Monday, 16 June)

saturation, lightness, opacity out of range values Boris Zbarsky (Sunday, 15 June)

author-defined color aliases Brant Langer Gurganus (Sunday, 15 June)

CSS1 specification reformatting project sprite (Sunday, 8 June)

Virus messages sent to the list Chris Lilley (Thursday, 5 June)

Re: Screensaver chris@w3.org (Tuesday, 5 June)

@media print Thomas, Jerry (Thursday, 5 June)

style switcher jc (Thursday, 5 June)

Apologies (Re: Ideas for CSS 3.0) Ben Godfrey (Thursday, 5 June)

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Re: 45443-343556 Bert Bos (Thursday, 5 June)

Ideas for CSS 3.0? Gerard Torenvliet (Wednesday, 4 June)

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css driving editing ronoc lapy (Monday, 2 June)

RE: Font definition Matthew Fletcher (Monday, 2 June)

Approved Arnaud Le Hors (Sunday, 1 June)

Approved Arnaud Le Hors (Sunday, 1 June)

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