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CSS, XSL, and an RDF-like approach Simon St.Laurent (Tuesday, 16 February)

Border width in percentages? L. David Baron (Monday, 15 February)

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ie. 3.02 Wolfgang Hahner (Saturday, 13 February)

W3C Statement on US Patent #5860073 Håkon Wium Lie (Thursday, 11 February)

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ttt bill brissette (Monday, 8 February)

CSS3 suggestion: make physical measurements invalid for screen media! Braden N. McDaniel (Monday, 8 February)

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line height issue bill brissette (Monday, 8 February)

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Revision-REC-CSS1-19990111 Sue Sims (Sunday, 7 February)

Specificity of STYLE attribute L. David Baron (Saturday, 6 February)

Inline layout test L. David Baron (Tuesday, 2 February)

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