Re: (css) list properites

>> can you control the indents on a list (ul or ol) with css 1 or 2? Or do I
>> need to beg for it for css 3?
>You can do it with CSS1:
>	li { margin-left: 1em }

   Remember, however, that this does not grant you "control" over
indentation.  It grants you influence, but not much more.  Margins on list
items is one of those things about which browsers disagree.
   Taking the above rule, Explorer 4.x (and probably later) will use the
above value instead of its usual value (which is around 2em, I think).
Navigator 4, on the other hand, will ADD the above value to its default.
Thus, you'll have a 1em left margin in Explorer, and about a 3em left
margin in Navigator.
   There is no way around this problem short of browser detection
techniques (such as Javascript or server-side scripts) which serve up
different style sheets based on which browser is in use, or clever use of
LINK and @import bugs to get the appropriate styles to each browser.


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Received on Wednesday, 10 February 1999 10:14:47 UTC