RE: Structure and Style revisited

> Jelks Cabaniss a écrit :
> > ... where "words" could take a single value or a list?  Maybe even have
> > "letters(...)" as well as "words(...)"?
> Then we face the same old questions : what is a word, where does it start
> and where does it end ? If you want to forge answers to that questions,
> please do not forget that english is not the only language in the world
> and that latin alphabet is not the only writing system in the world.

Excellent point!  Using "words" is probably not a viable solution then (and
there may even be situations where one would want to break *within* words).

But the question remains: is a line-break Markup or Style?  I think it's Style
because 1) it's for visual effect, and 2) it's media-dependent.  Forced line
breaks (now days done with <br>) may look fine with screen and print, but how
does that square with Braille, pagers, and other output devices?

On the other hand, maybe it's neither Markup *nor* Style, but falls into another
category -- perhaps like hyphenation ...  :)


Received on Friday, 26 February 1999 12:03:01 UTC