Re: What about styling anonymous container boxes?

   I suggest the introduction of a pseudo-element that inserts an
   anonymous box around the principal box of element in question. This
   would then allow for the type of styling described above.

   If we call this pesudeo-element ":foobar" (I cannot think of a good
   name right now), then the above example could be marked up like this:


   ...with the CSS:

      H1 { border: solid blue; }
      H1:foobar { border: solid navy; }

Sounds good. I've got a couple of questions, though:

1) would you allow nested "foobar"s?
for example:
    H1:foobar:foobar {border-color: blue}

2) it would seem that the margin of the primary element and
the padding of the "foobar" could conflict. If they did, would
the distance between inner border and outer border be the sum
of the inner margin and the outer padding? Would they collapse
(like adjacent margins)? Would one win out over the other?
Should "foobars" be allowed to take the padding properties?

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