Yet Another Suggestion For CSS3 (YASF-CSS3): Events

We have seen some event driven controls in CSS so far (specifically,
the :active, :hover and :focus Pseudo-classes), but the HTML 
event model goes far beyond this. It would be nice to have some 
more formatting language independent event-driven addressing in CSS. 

A good pool to start from could be the 10 basic events in HTML 4:

   Click, double click, mouse down, mouse up, mouse move, mouse 
   over, mouse out, key press, key down, key up

Click and mouse down are covered by :active, and mouse over is 
covered by :hover. 

Basically, the gist is: duplication of basic event handling from HTML
has already happened in CSS, and it seems like a Good Idea 
(especially with XML uses of CSS.) Why not extend this? Could other 
events work well as Pseudo-classes?

Something to consider: 
The current event-driven Pseudo-classes in CSS are basically meant 
for screen-based media. Could there be some other obvious events 
in other media to account for? (just an idea to spur discussion.)


Received on Thursday, 18 February 1999 02:55:28 UTC