Re: My #1 request for CSS3

"B.K. DeLong" wrote:

> > Steve Mulder wrote:
> > The 4.x browsers might technically support PNG inline, but they don't yet
> > support 8-bit transparency, which is the key to making the switch to PNG
> > worthwhile.

Yes, it opens up a whole lot of stylistic possibilities when real PNG
support is combined with CSS. Using plug-ins doesn't cut it; we need to
be able to specify background images using PNG (including the background
color - that \is why the background property has both a color and an
image url - one is compoisited onthe other when the image has some

> (I could also add gamma correction as an essential feature.)

Yes, clearly. Again, this is a natural complement; PNG allows the gamma
(and other color details) to be specified so they look the same on
different platforms; CSS specifies what the color s mean so they look
the same on different platforms.

> > When
> > the browser makers do get their act together, PNG will be an awe-inspiring
> > sight indeed...

Yes. The Acorn browser is a good example of this (pity it works on an
obscure platform).

> I bet the Mozilla Project would be pretty receptive to a) someone checking to
> see if they've fixed this 

They have not, last I checked

> and b) let them know about it i they haven't.

I recently updated the PNG test pahges a little; in particular to check
that compositing against a CSS-specified background color works
correctly. Or more precisely, to show that it does not. These pages
should be useful for the Mozilla project, and other browser writers, to
check against.

The starting page is

And the actual test pages (linked from there) are:

I would be please to hear reports, with screenshots, of browsers that
pass the second and subsequent of these test pages. I would also be
interested to see pages that combine PNG and CSS in creative ways.


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