Re: Yet Another Suggestion For CSS3 (YASF-CSS3): Events


>On a given site, I mark every book title, every film title, every show
>title, using appropriate CSS classes, typically by doing <SPAN
>CLASS="booktitle">The Wind In The Willow</SPAN>. It would be nice if I
>specify a mouse click handler for the entire class, so I don't waste time
>(and probably sometimes forget) specifying the handler each time.

This kind of functionality is provided by DHTML "behaviours", which are
something Microsoft has put into Internet Explorer 5, and have submitted to
the W3C for consideration. It uses a new CSS attribute 'behavior' (ugh,
should be a "u" in there!) to specify a behaviour for a given CSS class.
That behaviour can add new properties to those elements, as well as provide
standard event handlers (eg, onclick()) for every element of the class.


for more info.

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Received on Thursday, 18 February 1999 16:10:00 UTC