Re: Yet Another Suggestion For CSS3 (YASF-CSS3): Events

Bloo a écrit :
> We have seen some event driven controls in CSS so far (specifically,
> the :active, :hover and :focus Pseudo-classes), but the HTML
> event model goes far beyond this. It would be nice to have some
> more formatting language independent event-driven addressing in CSS.
> A good pool to start from could be the 10 basic events in HTML 4:
>    Click, double click, mouse down, mouse up, mouse move, mouse
>    over, mouse out, key press, key down, key up
> Click and mouse down are covered by :active, and mouse over is
> covered by :hover.
> Basically, the gist is: duplication of basic event handling from HTML
> has already happened in CSS, and it seems like a Good Idea
> (especially with XML uses of CSS.) Why not extend this? Could other
> events work well as Pseudo-classes?
> Something to consider:
> The current event-driven Pseudo-classes in CSS are basically meant
> for screen-based media. Could there be some other obvious events
> in other media to account for? (just an idea to spur discussion.)

Brian, your mail is exactly in the scope of the CSS+FP Working Group !
You could not summarize better the discussions we had during last months.
We are currently harmonizing Netscape and Microsoft proposals (NS action
sheets and MS HTML components) and the result will precisely meet your

Stay tuned !!!


Received on Friday, 19 February 1999 18:53:34 UTC