Re: My #1 request for CSS3

Not to change the subject too much, but I'd love to see the equivalent of
NS's defunct <MULTICOL> tag implemented, which would allow you to divide
text (on-the-fly) into x number of columns.

Since I haven't had time to read through all of the CSS-2 spec (just trying
to get CSS-1 implemented....), if this has already been done, thanks.

Automatic multi-column text flow would go a long way toward enabling
"fluid" design, since it overcomes one of the major problems of multiple
screen resolutions -- if the screen gets too wide, legibility becomes
significantly impaired.

The traditional solution in print is to increase leading (and possibly
point size), but this only works so far. And a 1024x768 screen is
significantly wider than almost any single-column format publication I've
ever seen -- and those few I can think of contain only minimal text.

Ideally, the number of columns would also be scriptable (and/or changable
via a master style sheet), so that you could make adjustment for various
types of screens. For example, a PDA screen would require a single column
most likely, while desktop screen would require 2-4 columns, depending on
resolution, while a TV-based screen probably would only use a single
column, in part because of the larger type size required to be readable on
a TV screen.

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Received on Monday, 8 February 1999 17:15:24 UTC