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Model issues was: A certain difficulty Tim Berners-Lee (Tuesday, 29 February)

Subclass of Thing/Resource Tim Berners-Lee (Tuesday, 29 February)

Why RDF must be parsed to be directed graph? (for what purpose?) saranya maneeroj (Tuesday, 29 February)

What is the advantage of DC in RDF format? saranya maneeroj (Tuesday, 29 February)

on RDF map of W3C information Sankar Virdhagriswaran (Tuesday, 29 February)

The RDF model *is* part of the problem David Megginson (Tuesday, 29 February)

rdf for object serialization Stefan Haustein (Tuesday, 29 February)

RDF easily readable description ? Russ Reeves (Monday, 28 February)

Re: Arguments against digest URIs Jonas Liljegren (Sunday, 27 February)

Promoting RDF (was RE: A certain difficulty) Meltsner, Kenneth (Friday, 25 February)

has there been any work done on creating an RDF map Sankar Virdhagriswaran (Friday, 25 February)

Certain difficulties with the tutorial... Pierre-Antoine CHAMPIN (Thursday, 24 February)

Some questions on mapping DC to RDF/XML Winfried Mühl (Wednesday, 23 February)

ICS-FORTH Validating RDF Parser (VRP) Version 1.3 Vassilis Christophides (Wednesday, 23 February)

Protege RDF editor update Ray Fergerson (Tuesday, 22 February)

Is there need Repository for RDF? 유정연 (Tuesday, 22 February)

The WebDAV Book of Why - V. Alpha 3 (fwd) Dan Brickley (Friday, 18 February)

RE: In Search of XML Interoperability: XLink + XML Schema = Interoperability? Jean Marc VANEL (Thursday, 17 February)

do XML Datatypes work for RDF? Dan Connolly (Wednesday, 16 February)

RE: RDF Description Services - and WebDAV Jeff Sussna (Monday, 14 February)

http://www.w3org/RDF/ project listings Dan Brickley (Monday, 14 February)

HELP!! 大智e-mail (Monday, 14 February)

Availability of RDF servers Curt Arnold (Saturday, 12 February)

conformance with Rdf schema Edilene Aparecida Veneruchi (Thursday, 10 February)

the hash sign John Parnefjord (Thursday, 10 February)

Re: RDF Description Services - and WebDAV Perry A. Caro (Tuesday, 8 February)

No subject was specified. Trevor Dwyer (Tuesday, 8 February)

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converting RDF files to HTML?? CATGOLF888@aol.com (Saturday, 5 February)

Save 50-80% on International Calls and Win $500 in Free phone calls! callbackservice@email.com (Friday, 4 February)

Conformance Edilene Aparecida Veneruchi (Friday, 4 February)

RDF to RDMS mappings with Protege Ray Fergerson (Friday, 4 February)

Announcement: First Graphical RDF/RDF-Schema Editor Available! Stefan Decker (Wednesday, 2 February)

Re: XMLCAL greg fizpatrick (Tuesday, 1 February)

Re: assymetric reference of properties martin (Tuesday, 1 February)

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