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XML as an ISO standard? (was "a certain difficulty")

From: KenNorth <KenNorth@email.msn.com>
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 11:22:53 -0800
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> When I asked why they weren't using ODBC
> they said that it wasn't yet a standard. It's true, at that time it
> wasn't (I'm not saying it is now! Just widely used.)

ISO updated the SQL-92 standard in 1995 by adding a call level interface.
ODBC 3.0 and higher aligns with that international standard (SQL/CLI). For

"Understanding ODBC 3.0 and Standards"

Interesting comparison:

1. SQL and SGML were developed at IBM before becoming international (ISO)

2. ODBC was an extension by Microsoft to the work of a consortium (SQL
Access Group). The consortium became part of a larger consortium (The Open
Group) that updated the spec and submitted it to the standards process. It
became an international standard.

3. XML is derived from an ISO standard and the spec is published by a

Which raises the question "Will XML be submitted to the ISO standards

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