the hash sign


Could anyone explain about the hash-sign (#) following the URI when declaring XML namespaces in RDF. For example you may write:

   <rdf:Description about="">
      <schema:property1>some value</schema:property1>
	<schema:property2>some value</schema:property2>

The first XML namespace, RDF, uses the #-sign as a suffix to the URI. This is not the case regarding the second xmlns-declaration, schema. 

Is this suffix used as an anchor, as in HTML? In that case rdf:Description could be translated to, and by doing this you can point to a definition of the property. Why not using the same technique for the second schema then?

Hope someone can answer (and perhaps point out where in the RDF-rec I have to read a bit more carefully).

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Received on Thursday, 10 February 2000 08:57:03 UTC