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[EXTERNAL] Some braille references

agenda+ W3C inclusion fund and fellowships for TPAC 2021

ARIA and MathML in screenreaders

ARIA demo for MathML intent


CICM 2021, July 26-31, Call for online participation

Fwd: New video introduces TPAC - our annual conference

Gap Analysis

mathml-core draft

MathML-Core Meeting Minutes from July 26, 2021

MathML-Core meeting Moday, July 26, 2021

Minutes: MathML general meeting, 1 July

Minutes: MathML General Meeting, 15 July

Minutes: MathML general meeting, 23 July

Reminder: MathML general meeting Thursday, 22 July

Reminder: MathML intent meeting Thursday

Some braille references

sources and outputs

Welcoming Wiley/new member

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