Reminder: MathML intent meeting Thursday

 We meet at our standard time on Thursday, 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern, 7pm
Central European Time. (Mail a week ago had a typo in the time.)

The meeting details were sent to the W3C members-only "member-math" mailing
list <>
for the group. The regulars for this group should have the meeting details
in their calendars.

1. Announcements/updates
    a) FPWD status
    b) Action Item followup
    c) Anything else

2. Braille and needs for intent -- see mail archive thread
<>. Any
further follow up?

3. Deyan Presentation on latest idea of using ARIA
    a) what works
    b) what doesn't work -- asks for ARIA?

(probably won't get to next item this week)
4  MathML in the wild -- see mail archive thread
   a) any followup?
   b) add to informative note? See for example MathML 3 section 7.7
"Anomalous Mathematical Characters

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