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Hey Neil,

I believe Susan Osterhaus ( is the author of a good deal of the Pearson Nemeth tutorial content. So you could always reach out to her with specific questions. If anything she wrote is wrong, then I am sure she would want to know so it can be corrected. On the other hand, if the statement is correct, then she can explain why this is the case.


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In the pearson symbol site, it says this about integrals<>:
The integral, or indefinite integral, starts with the integral sign (dots 2-3-4-6). Then it is followed by the function and ends with dx.

I'm dubious about this statement -- what happens when the 'dx' is in the numerator? I looked in the green book, and in the section about integrals, it only has examples where the 'dx' is at the end (also true for the APH tutorial). Does anyone who knows Nemeth well know the answer?

Another practical bit I liked from that talk was a short description of "common issues in Nemeth code transcriptions" from a practitioner writing such materials

Interesting to see that she highlights the parts that I called out in my original email (makes me feel like I know more than I do :-)


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