Re: [EXTERNAL] Some braille references

> (It's been awhile since I looked at these examples, but I seem to recall
that degree-minutes-seconds and primes for feet and inches fall in this

I think you'll need to dig a little deeper in your memory. This is what the
Pearson site
says for that:

> Prime
> Prime (dot 3) can be used to represent feet, minutes, transformations,
> complements for sets, the transpose of a matrix, and the first derivative
> of a function. Prime is the same dot configuration as an apostrophe and
> looks like an apostrophe in print. Double prime (dot 3, dot 3) can be used
> to represent inches, seconds, transformations, and the second derivative of
> a function.

I checked UEB and it is similar. From

> The braille symbol for the prime sign is used wherever the print symbol
> appears in mathematical context regardless of its meaning.

Sam knows Nemeth vastly better than I do, so when he says that there are
cases where Nemeth's general philosophy toward his math braille don't
apply, there are examples. I'd definitely like to know what they are so
they can be noted in whatever write up we do about MathML and braille.


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