Gap Analysis

In the meeting last week, we discussed producing something akin to a gap
analysis -- a document that looks at where we are now, where we want to be,
and some ideas of how to get from where we are to where we want to be.

We have been discussing issues surrounding this for 1.5 years and have
examined many ideas. This document is meant to summarize what we have
learned in terms of the pros and cons of for each idea. As agreed to at the
meeting, I started a google for the gap analysis
This is meant to be a group effort. I encourage everyone with any opinions
or suggestions to *write* text, not just comment on what is there. Google
docs has a version history so don't be afraid you will mess the document
up. Many of you know some areas much better than I do or have strong
feelings as to what needs to be addressed. As a group, we will discuss the
document and come to consensus as to the final contents. For now, don't be
shy and please contribute. The outline and text that is present is my
personal opinions and is not written in stone.

I want to reiterate that this is a *group effort*. I also want to emphasize
that this document is *not* meant to reach a conclusion -- it is meant to
describe the problem and discuss the pros and cons of possible solutions. I
also want to emphasize that the target audience is people outside our
group. Think about it being meant for someone in the ARIA group or someone
who proposed Microdata or someone who is potentially considering generating
MathML that allows users to express their intent. So please don't get into
the weeds of math -- that will likely turn people off because they won't
understand it. Try to stick to high school math unless emphasizing a point
about more advanced math.

I hope we have enough written by our August meeting that we can begin
discussion of the document.


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