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My translation works have been moved. ׻ҵ (Tuesday, 30 September)

Translation in Marathi Amol V. Wanjari (Monday, 29 September)

ARCHITECTS William C. Dunn, P.E. - SunCam (Sunday, 28 September)

Completed: Bengali translation of WAI Quick tips Amitabha Roy (Saturday, 27 September)

Trados/CAT cheap see www.geocities.com/cat_tools2000/ cat tools2000 (Saturday, 27 September)

Global Church Financing "Sound Offer" Marc Dushey (Thursday, 25 September)

Announcement - completed translation - "XHTML 1.1 - Module-based XHTML" - Swedish Olle Olsson (Thursday, 25 September)

Japanese translation of W3C page Gen.Kanai (Wednesday, 24 September)

drink cofee and make money CEZAR LIVIU (Monday, 22 September)

CSS2 Specification Chinese Translation. hong@hongchen.net (Monday, 22 September)

Bengali Translation of WAI quick tips Amitabha Roy (Monday, 22 September)

Partnering Enquiry from CifroSoft LLC (Russia) Vitaly Demin (Saturday, 20 September)

Arabic Translation of HTML 4.01 Specification arab_prog (Saturday, 20 September)

Inquiry Into Japanese-English Translation Opportunities James Wilson (Friday, 12 September)

Putting "putting mathematics on the web with MathML" on the Web in Japanese. Norihisa Washitake (Friday, 19 September)

(no subject) Sweetlips0305@aol.com (Wednesday, 17 September)

Translation of the DIWG Glossary to Spanish Marta Isabel Trejo (Wednesday, 17 September)

Re: [w3c-translators] Leonel Morgado (Tuesday, 16 September)

Translation of the DIWG Glossary to Spanish Rhys Lewis (Wednesday, 17 September)

Beginning new translations arab_prog (Tuesday, 16 September)

[w3c-translators] <none> farruska (Tuesday, 16 September)

DOM 2 Style Chinese Translation hong@hongchen.net (Saturday, 13 September)

FW: PT-BR Translation of XSLT 1.0 Rec. needs site to publish r_maciel@ig.com.br (Friday, 12 September)

Polish translations of XHTML 1.0 and XHTML Modularization Michał Górny (Thursday, 11 September)

Portuguese Translation - Putting mathematics on the Web with MathML Paulo (Wednesday, 10 September)

Portuguese translation - Assoc.Style Sheets with XML docs. Paulo (Tuesday, 9 September)

Guilty? You Decide! Famous Trials (Tuesday, 9 September)

translation of HTML tutorials into Brazilian Portuguese Aida C R Sousa (Tuesday, 9 September)

call for translations - new W3C CSS validator interface Olivier Thereaux (Tuesday, 9 September)

"Associating Style Sheets with XML documents" Chinese Translation hong@hongchen.net (Saturday, 6 September)

[pubrules-20030701] French translation completed Alix Marchandise-Franquet (Friday, 5 September)

[manual-of-style-20030630] Traduction finie (fwd) Alix Marchandise-Franquet (Friday, 5 September)

[di-gloss-20030825] French translation completed Alix Marchandise-Franquet (Friday, 5 September)

Translation of DOM level 2 Core Recommendation antonm@hushmail.com (Wednesday, 3 September)

W3C Document Chinese Translation Project hong@hongchen.net (Tuesday, 2 September)

UBS wants to translate.... Igor Dolotin (Monday, 1 September)

[ppiindia] Re: [PB-PMII] Bupati Jember bermain dibalik Tangan dalam DAU Pemkab Jember! Nur Ketang (Monday, 1 September)

[ppiindia] Elit PKB akan membentuk Badan Intelijen Independen Nur Ketang (Monday, 1 September)

German: CR-DOM-Level-3-XPath-20030331 Stefan Mintert (Sunday, 24 August)

XML in 10 points in Finnish Ossi Nykänen (Thursday, 28 August)

Translate "Introduction to CSS3" to tranditional Chinese chientai@itri.org.tw (Friday, 22 August)

update "Putting mathematics on the Web with MathML" Chinese version chientai@itri.org.tw (Saturday, 23 August)

Re: That movie duerst@w3.org (Friday, 22 August)

Re: Thank you! link@pobox.com (Tuesday, 19 August)

SVG Mobile into Spanish Diego Rios (Thursday, 14 August)

XPointers in Chinese hong@hongchen.net (Wednesday, 13 August)

XML Base in Catalan Diego Martín Lafuente (Monday, 11 August)

Chinese Translation of XML 1.1 CR in process. Collin (Sunday, 10 August)

xslt hong (Sunday, 10 August)

URI of the Chinese Translation of XML Infoset. Collin (Sunday, 10 August)

Chinese Translation of XML Infoset available on the net.. Collin (Sunday, 10 August)

translation of Amaya8.1 Help into Russian Alexandr Pyramidin (Wednesday, 6 August)

\ (Thursday, 7 August)

Checklist of Checkpoints for WCAG 1.0 in Finnish Ossi Nykänen (Wednesday, 6 August)

Hebrew Translation Gertel Hasson (Tuesday, 5 August)

XML in 10 points in Slovakian Jozef Izso (Monday, 4 August)

XML in 10 points in Slovakian Jozef Izso (Sunday, 3 August)

DOM Level 2 HTML Specification into Spanish Victoria Jordan (Friday, 1 August)

WCAG Korean translation link broken Greg Shin (Saturday, 2 August)

Translation redirect comma tool Bjoern Hoehrmann (Saturday, 2 August)

translation of XML in 10 points to Slovak language Jozef Izso (Friday, 1 August)

W3C in seven points dj Padák (Thursday, 31 July)

Korean translation of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 finished Greg Shin (Thursday, 31 July)

Re: Volunteer Translatiors Bill & laurie Legnante (Monday, 28 July)

XLink Chinese translations hong (Tuesday, 29 July)

XLink Chinese translations hchen@hongchen.net (Tuesday, 29 July)

XLink Chinese version hong (Monday, 28 July)

Portuguese translation of "Web Standards Switch" jaccoud@petrobras.com.br (Friday, 25 July)

SVG1.1 translation finished yh (Thursday, 24 July)

Italian translation of "XML in 10 points" Bert Bos (Wednesday, 23 July)

Galician (GL) translation Xml-in-10-points santiago.lopez.ponte@xunta.es (Wednesday, 23 July)

m@ds@]n Time:12:50:53 AM ij@w3.org (Tuesday, 22 July)

XHTML+MathML+SVG Profile available in spanish Gregorio Rodríguez (Monday, 21 July)

Translations in catalan language available Diego Lafuente (Saturday, 19 July)

Translation of [XML Infoset] into Chinese finished.. collin@seu.edu.cn (Saturday, 19 July)

g~jubADDWac \ (Friday, 18 July)

Re: Web Standards Switch in multiple languages Nobuhisa Shiraishi (Wednesday, 16 July)

Indonesian version now online Arnold Groh (Saturday, 12 July)

"An XHTML + MathML + SVG Profile" being translated into spanish Gregorio Rodríguez (Saturday, 12 July)

Xlink, Xpointer Chinese translations hong (Saturday, 12 July)

I translated "Accessibility Features of CSS (W3C Note)" into Japanese. CYBER@GARDEN (Friday, 4 July)

translations into german Susanne Gräsler (Friday, 4 July)

XML Base Simplified Chinese Version Released. collin@seu.edu.cn (Wednesday, 2 July)

XML Base Simplified Chinese Version Released. collin@seu.edu.cn (Wednesday, 2 July)

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