Re: call for translations - new W3C CSS validator interface

Hello Olivier, everyone,

2003-09-09T13:12:23Z Olivier Thereaux <> wrote:

> As you may know, the W3C CSS validation service is fairly well
> localized, with an interface translated in several languages: German 
> (de), French (fr), Japanese (ja), Dutch (nl) and Chinese (zh-cn).

> The good thing is that it's user-friendly. The bad thing is when you 
> create a new interface and you don't speak (or, rather, write) all 
> these languages... That's where I stand now.

> It would thus help me greatly if people could translate the following 
> pages (text, navigation bar text, form labels, ... see 
> <> for how it is done now) 
> into these languages.

> <>
> <>
> <>
> <>

These pages speak about "The XSL 1.0 Proposed Recommendation".
Note that the XSL 1.0 is a W3C Recommendation.

Olivier, could you check the pages with the style sheets turned off?
I've seen some small errors that could be eliminated before people
start to translate (e.g., sone inter-word spaces are missing, SVG
Tiny/Basic are lowercase etc.).

> I can take care of french, unless someone beats me to it.
I can take care of Russian, unless... you know.

  Alexander "Croll" Savenkov                                   

Received on Tuesday, 9 September 2003 12:24:52 UTC