Translations in catalan language available

I've made translations for some specs in catalan language

You can make revisions here, I've made revisions with 5 people and all 
the documents and examples seems to be Ok. Base URL for the translations.

    I've translated from english to catalan for some specs and for some 
others from castallian to catalan, where i found 10 or 20 errors in code 
examples, I've re-checked with the english versions and corrected them.

    Any question or suggestion, error submission to the mail located on 
the "Nota de Traducció".

    It was a hard work 2 months translating and correcting markupts 
errors like <fonts> tags in the middle of the XHTML 1 specs.

    Specs could be printed with a special CSS for printing.

    W3C's Specs URls are pointed originally as the english versions.

    XML 1 (second edition) is on the way to be finished, also there's 
XML Base, XML 1.1, XHML 1.1, Module Based.

    We're translating all the specs in catalan language and I think at 
the end of this year we (our team) would have all the specs translated 
to catalan language, including working drafts.


Diego Martín Lafuente.

Received on Saturday, 19 July 2003 11:14:24 UTC