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Wednesday, September 3, 2003, 12:36:55 AM, you wrote:

AS> Hello Igor, everyone,

AS> 2003-09-02T01:19:36Z Igor Dolotin <> wrote:

>> We would like to inform you that we are planning to translate these
>> W3C Recommendations into Russian language:

>> 1. SOAP Version 1.2 Part 0: Primer (Errata) 24 June 2003, Nilo Mitra;

AS> etc.

>> Please tell us can we do it (traslation in target dates mentioned
>> above) and explain what's the procedure of beginning to translate
>> (what we shall do in order to begin?).

AS> Please note I'm not from the W3C Team, still we see no answer from
AS> them for now so let me try to help.

AS> You've already done everything you need to start the translation (i.e.
AS> notified the W3C the translation has started). For further details see
AS> the IPR FAQ at or in
AS> Russian at
AS> (Martin, sorry, I haven't erased it yet).

AS> You may also find some interesting points at
AS> and .
AS> Apart from this I strongly encourage you to create a glossary of terms
AS> and to discuss it with the translators listed at
AS> and the developers community at .

AS> What about the planned deadlines I personnaly don't think it's
AS> possible to finish the work on time if you aim at quality. Could you
AS> provide more details concerning the translation team?

AS> Good luck with your project!
AS> Alex.

Dear Alex,

Thank you very much for your help and advices - obviously it will be helpful
for our work.
Regarding deadlines - we will try to accomplish our work by these
deadlines and, no doubt, the main aim of our work is the translation quality.

Best regards,
Igor Dolotin,

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