W3C in seven points

Hello everybody,

I would like to translate a document "W3C in seven points"
(http://www.w3.org/Consortium/Points/) into my native
language (Czech). I write this to inform everybody that it is silly to do
this. I have some questions to W3C because I am not sure about that:

- I saw that you publish all translates of this document at
http://www.w3.org and I do not know if I have to look for stable webhosting
or I will publish this at your server.
- I am not sure if I may use XHTML 1.1 markup language to mark up this
translation and if I may add a RDF metadata in external file or some
validation buttons such as XHTML 1.1, CSS or WCAG 1.0 AAA (after I will be
sure that this documet is valid).
- I made some small updates in CSS stylesheet - file base.css - (in class
.illustration and tag <p>) and I want to recommend you these changes:

.illustration {
 float: left;
 margin: 0em 2em 1em 0em;
p {
 text-align: justify;

- I use a free e-mail mailbox and i want to ask you if I may change my
contact address in the future if it chages ...

I am looking forward to the answer and another coopeartion at the
Best regards
Josef Petrák

         :: dj Padák ::
http://djpadak.czechian.net/IVTlog/ (cs)
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