call for translations - new W3C CSS validator interface

Greetings translators,

As you may know, the W3C CSS validation service is fairly well 
localized, with an interface translated in several languages: German 
(de), French (fr), Japanese (ja), Dutch (nl) and Chinese (zh-cn).

The good thing is that it's user-friendly. The bad thing is when you 
create a new interface and you don't speak (or, rather, write) all 
these languages... That's where I stand now.

It would thus help me greatly if people could translate the following 
pages (text, navigation bar text, form labels, ... see 
<> for how it is done now) 
into these languages.


I can take care of french, unless someone beats me to it.

Thank you.

Received on Tuesday, 9 September 2003 05:13:03 UTC